15 October 2018

John Lawrence Sullivan SS19 at London Fashion Week Men

The collection’s sharp shouldered angular tailoring is inspired by post punk and new wave. 
After Dark slogan is lifted from one of the pages of Lurker Grand's Hot Love, Swiss Punk & Wave 1976 - 1980

Polka dots come from a promotional image of one of the era's many underground bands

High shine PVC, heavy soled brothel creepers and washed denim feature in the collection. 

Dave Gahan, the frontman of Depeche Mode is another key point of reference - black leather trousers, midriff baring cropped tops and sharp shouldered suits.

Video of finale

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Ben Sherman SS19 at London Fashion Week Men

For SS19, Ben Sherman revisits the first time they went to America and added the Ivy League look to their iconic brand identity with a large dose of  British attitude .

Checks and candy stripes fuse together blending a rock and roll style with the preppy Ivy League looks.

Colour palette of blues with silver pink, tomato cream, olive oil and Windsor wine.

A small piece of the collection is a collaboration with Henry Holland

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Alex Mullins SS19 at London Fashion Week Mens

For SS19, Alex Mullins collection was an eclectic mix of nine different styles showcased in groups of three looks.

First style featured stretchy cutout vests in bright neon colours over suits giving a sporty element to the sartorial look.

2nd style barcode pattern top worn with long shorts or trousers that flared out at the bottom - almost a Star Trek style.

3rd style boxy double breasted suits with meandering panels of contrasting colours.

4th style checkered pants with leather apron style tops - I can't help thinking of a chef's outfit.

5th Style - dove print short sleeve shirts. The dove is shown either hiding behind the background print or above it. Ready for that tropical holiday.

6th style - double breasted suits with splattered paint design. Do we think a dapper decorator or a sartorial artist? Worn with oversized circular belt bags.

7th style - shirts with open slits and embroidered floral designs. Great for keeping your cool.

8th style - shiny raw silk fabric in trench coat styles

Style 9 influenced by the Far East with prints of the Koi carp and Japanes irezumi

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Velsvoir SS19 menswear at London Fashion Week Mens

Titled 'Grandstand', Velsvoir SS19 collection is inspired by the gentlemanly sporting pursuits of the 1900s, Velsvoir draws from the athletic tailoring of that time. 

The gentleman's sport are a balance of fine tailoring with heritage and practicality. 

Fabrics are jersey, cotton, linen and wool in tones of navy, cream and white as well as bold stripes.  

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Malan Breton SS19 Menswear at London Fashion Week

For SS19, Malan Breton brings a subtle revival of 70's influence bold tailoring.

Giant zips replace buttons on suit jackets and shirt collars are worn high.

The sartorial check has been given a dapper makeover with strips of blues and greys,  whilst a long jacket suit in powder blue check is adorned with strips of the finer Prince of Wales check. 

Buttery soft leather bomber style jackets are slim and lengthened to below the hips, teamed with embossed brocade trousers to bring the East and West together.

For those rainy casual days when you still want to stand out from the sea of grey and beige raincoats, Breton brings out a neon yellow cagoule and teams with silvery white embossed trousers.

Photographer: Simon Armstrong

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11 October 2018

Jiri Kalfar SS19 Menswear at London Fashion Week

Aesthetically, glamour and luxury, have always been at the heart of JIRI KALFAR. The SS19 collection, filled with revisited 70’s silhouettes, trousers and tops made from sequins, silk, embroidery, hand woven wool, viscose and more, is no exception.

 Though inspiration comes from the past, the main focus during the process was the future of our planet and its ecology.

 For this reason the brand has concentrated on zero waste patterns, recycled sequins and upcycled clothing.

 Each piece has been handmade in the Czech Republic without the use of any fur or leather, by a team of seamstresses.

 Combining new technological and sustainable materials such as muskin (mushroom leather) with hand-embroidery ensures that you can wear luxury, animal cruelty free, zero waste, fashion. Because the real luxury nowadays is consciousness.

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12 September 2018


UK’s hair vitamin brand, Hairburst, has announced it is to launch a brand-new product – aimed solely at male hair. Developed to maintain healthy hair growth and hair pigmentation; and reduce hair loss.
Containing over 31 vitamins and minerals, they will also support men’s daily health and vitality, at every stage of life.

 Hairburst Hair Vitamins for Men have been specifically formulated with Biotin, Selenium and Zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, together with Copper to help maintain normal healthy hair pigmentation.
The vitamins contain a large range of nutrients that help to maintain health and vitality in men and can slow down hair loss as the quality of hair and hair roots are improved, meaning hair won’t fall out as easily. Hairburst Vitamins for Men are strictly cruelty, gluten, dairy and nut free, and are suitable for vegetarian and vegan consumers.

*Please note - Hairburst Hair Vitamins for Men can only help to maintain and improve the quality of existing hair and not hair that has already been lost during the ageing process.
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