27 June 2011

Vivienne Westwood 'man' collection at Royal Ascot Fashion Show 2011

Along with Westwood's women's couture Gold label SS11, some pieces from her 'Man' collection graced the Royal Ascot Fashion Show this year.

The title of VW’s SS11 ‘Man’ collection is Climate Change
‘Global as if the world were a smashed mirror’ – with checks worn with other checks and stripes.

White and black Tattersall check wool suit with integrated waistcoat and baby pink cotton shirt. Trousers have loose tapered legs, belt loops and two internal back buttons for braces. The pink shirt's high three button Krall collar has been reworked this season in to a button down collar.

Peach and black striped blazer matched with tartan trousers , floral shirt and grey waistcoat. The floral shirt is a red flower print on a navy background
Black double breasted tailcoat teamed with low crotch trousers and gingham check shirt with a three button high Krall collar.
White double breasted tailcoat with straight cut trousers.

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26 June 2011

Todd Lynn's SS11 Collection at Royal Ascot Fashion Show

This Canadian born designer is loved by the rock music world and has dressed the likes of U2, the Rolling Stones and Marilyn Manson.  He is renowned for his razor sharp androgynous rock style tailoring for both men and women, and this year he showcased his SS11 collection at the Royal Ascot Fashion Show.
Mainly of his women's collection, he did manage to sneak in a couple from his men’s collection.

MacLeod jacket –blazer with diagonal zip fastening features snake skin leather patches on the shoulders and above the pockets. Zips at the cuffs and buckles at the back.
Teamed here with McClintock shorts with snake skin leather side panels....

...... and here with Mullis trousers.
Fabric used is of a linen blend with a touch of elastane to give a better fit.
This is futuristic rock 'n' roll.
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16 June 2011

Luxury Men's Fragrances by Ormonde Jayne

If you are looking for a fragrance that relies solely on the merit of its scent rather than the hint of a rich and beautiful lifestyle so many perfume adverts now entice us with, then London Perfumery Ormande Jayne is your man.
Named partly after the terrace where Linda Jayne Pilkington set up her own home as a perfume lab, the ingredients used are quality oils and absolutes sourced worldwide, some still not widely used in the Western perfume industry.

The first of the three perfumes for men Linda created is:
Ormonde Man

Top notes: Juniper berry, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and coriander seeds
Heart: Oudh and black hemlock
Base: Vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and musk
It’s as though all the top notes are jumping around to grab your attention saying ‘Smell me! Smell me!’ But then they seem to exhaust themselves and settle down and let the smooth sweet heart   blend take over.
It is the infusion of Oudh oil which gives Ormonde Man its distinctive sweet woody aromatic fragrance.  Oudh is usually an acquired taste but like all acquired tastes, once you’ve acquired it you’ll be hooked.  It’s definitely a smooth operator.
Oudh has always been highly valued in the Oriental and Arabic cultures and when Ormonde man was launched in Nov 2004, it was one of the ingredients not widely used in the West.  But now it’s all the rage!
Gentlemen - A note of warning! Keep your Ormonde Man under lock and key unless you don’t mind sharing. This is a fragrance the ladies like to wear too, probably because it doesn’t smell too woody or citrus like your average men’s fragrance.
Ormonde Man is available in eau de parfum (50ml £70), hydrating bath & shower crème (200ml £28), essential bathing oil (100ml £49), replenishing body lotion (200ml £35), travel kit ( 4x10ml vials £56)  and large multi wick scented candles with silver lid and base. (100hrs burning time £184)

Isfarkand – a name derived from a mixture of the cities of Isfahan in Iran and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. This cologne based fragrance was launched in 2006 and in the same year was voted the best scent by Wallpaper.
Travel kit

Top notes: Lime, mandarin and bergamot
Heart: Pink Pepper
Base: Cedar, vetiver and moss.
This one is a fast worker! The blast of top citrus notes quickly makes way for the highly pink peppery heart notes. The peppery scent lingers alone before blending with the richer damp moss notes, the earthy vetiver and the drier cedar notes.  As it settles it becomes soft and powdery with the peppery notes fading in to the background, whilst the dry cedar wood makes a lasting impression.
Available in the following: eau de parfum (50ml £70), travel kit (4x10ml vials£56) and shampoo & body wash (temporarily out of stock)

Zizan is the latest of the men’s fragrances, again cologne based fragrance and launched in Nov 2009

Top notes: Sicilian lime, lemon, bergamot, clary, sage, pink pepper and juniper berry.
Heart: Bay, violet and jasmine
Base: Vetiver, cedar, musk and amber
This zingy fragrance is grounded by the earthy aroma of three types of vetiver, hence the fragrance’s name Zizan which was taken from the Latin word zizanoide meaning vetiver.
 Zizan was launched as a result of many customers asking for a vetiver based fragrance similar to Eau de Sauvage. Vetiver is a perennial grass native to India but is now also cultivated in Haiti, Reunion and Java. The oil distilled from its roots is used in perfumes. The aroma is deep, sweet, woody and earthy.
This one has stamina! The strong citrus top notes are there for the long haul, lingering with the heart notes before they slowly mellow and allow the sweeter base notes to take centre stage.
This is probably the strongest and longer lasting of all the three fragrances.
Zizan is available in eau de parfum  (50ml £70) and travel kit (4 x 10ml vials £56)

Since leaving her humble yet beautifully scented home, Linda now owns two London boutiques with striking black lacquered interiors and her perfumes are also available from the opulent Harrods Perfume Hall.

However some things haven’t changed - each product is still created by Linda and the bottling and packaging is still by hand but now in her British workshop rather than in her home.

Ormonde Jayne’s flagship boutique is at 12 The Royal Arcade and her new and larger store at 192 Pavillion Rd just off Sloane Square.  For more information check out the website: www.ormondejayne.com

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14 June 2011

Accessories for your Royal Ascot Morning Attire

Last but not least for your Royal Ascot morning attire is the accessories - so why not complete your look with gloves and a cane or umbrella?
Umbrella: Ede and Ravenscroft have a Whangee solid stick black umbrella with a natural cane handle. Available on their website shop www.edeandravenscroft.co.uk at £250.

Oliver Brown cane

Cane: Oliver Brown has a silver plated cap stick. The handle is a mushroom shaped design whilst the shaft is hardwood painted black and fitted with a neat metal ferrule. Overall height is 92cm. Available online www.oliverbrown.org.uk  for £50

Chester Jeffries Oxford glove
Gloves should be soft suede or kid leather and the colour- white, pale yellow, buff or grey.
For semi bespoke gloves check out  www.chesterjeffries.co.uk
First you choose the glove style. Chester Jeffries recommends their Oxford for Ascot - see above image for style but don't go for brown, go for the lighter colours..  Made from soft Capeskin (kid) leather, this style of glove is widely used in films and stage such as Poirot. Priced at £41 unlined.
Second stage - choose the colour. For Ascot go for: white, pearl, ivory, parchment, sunshine, belvedere or frigate grey.
Third stage- choose the lining.  Go for silk at an additional £7
Fourth stage – you can measure your hands or just ask for small, medium, large or extra large.

That is the last of the Royal Ascot Attire blogs, Hope they helped.
All there is for you to do now is enjoy the day and make sure your morning attire is a safe bet.
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13 June 2011

The Bottom Line for Royal Ascot Morning Attire- trousers and footwear

You're looking dapper on top with your morning coat and wasitcoat, now to tackle the bottom part:
Always wear traditional morning trousers with a single pleat and brace buttons.
Don't think any old dress trousers will do. 
Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken:
If wearing a black morning coat the trousers must be either striped or hounds tooth.
Oliver Brown houndstooth

The houndstooth is very popular and is single pleated with a buckle, strap adjusters and internal brace buttons.  These Oliver Brown trousers are traditional cut using pure wool worsted houndstooth and priced at £135 available online www.oliverbrown.org.uk 
Oliver Brown striped morning trousers
Also in the traditional stripe in 100% wool, half lined, zip fly and side adjusters. Price again £135

Oliver Brown grey morning suit
If wearing a grey morning coat, the trousers should match the coat in colour and fabric like a suit. Above is an
Oliver Brown  morning suit:
Morning coat: 100% wool in grey £475
Trousers: matching £135

Shoes and Socks:
Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken:
Shoes must be black with laces, plain and highly polished (although not patent)
Best going for the plain Oxford shoe. 

Herrings Knightsbridge Oxfords
Herring Shoes, one of the sponsors for the Leech racing in Devon suggest their black hi-shine oxford shoe the Knightsbridge which is part of their Classic collection.  Made from calf leather for the upper, full leather lining, leather insoles and Goodyear welted soles.  Handmade in Northamptonshire at the Loake factory for Herring Shoes
Available for £155 online at www.herringshoes.co.uk  

Socks: no coloured socks just plain black or grey.

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11 June 2011

What Shirt to Wear with your Royal Ascot Morning Suit.

Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken: Your shirt must be double cuff

However you no longer have to stick to a plain white shirt to wear with your morning coat. You can now show your true colours as long as they are pale or soft hues – no garish brights please. 
Ede and Ravenscroft
A stripe with white collar and cuffs is a good alternative.

Oliver Brown tunic shirts

Or go down the traditional route with a white detachable stiff collar and tunic shirt. Oliver Brown has a choice of white, yellow or blue collarless shirts online www.oliverbrown.org.uk  for £59 and a choice of stiff collars for £15.

Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken: no cravats or an ascot. (Keep these for weddings only)
Wear a tightly knotted tie and preferably in silk.
Here you can choose any colour.
Charles Tyrwhitt self stripe silk tie
 Charles Tyrwhitt has a selection of silk ties, plain and patterned. Above is the self stripe woven tie in 100% silk. Normal price is £50 but at the moment they have a promotional price of £24.95. If purple is not your colour, also comes in yellow, charcoal grey, Royal blue and red, www.ctshirts.co.uk

Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken: Has to be silk and neatly folded.
Cotton or any other fabric besides silk is a no no.
 And the silk handkerchief has to be neatly folded not flamboyantly pushed in to the pocket.

Above are silk handkerchiefs from  www.davidedward.co.uk in pink, grey or blue. They feature 4 different shades of the same colour and have hand rolled edgings. Price £12

Don't wear the same colour for your tie and handkerchief as you'll look as though you're going to a wedding rather than looking dapper for Royal Ascot. They don't need to match, just complement each other.

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