13 June 2011

The Bottom Line for Royal Ascot Morning Attire- trousers and footwear

You're looking dapper on top with your morning coat and wasitcoat, now to tackle the bottom part:
Always wear traditional morning trousers with a single pleat and brace buttons.
Don't think any old dress trousers will do. 
Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken:
If wearing a black morning coat the trousers must be either striped or hounds tooth.
Oliver Brown houndstooth

The houndstooth is very popular and is single pleated with a buckle, strap adjusters and internal brace buttons.  These Oliver Brown trousers are traditional cut using pure wool worsted houndstooth and priced at £135 available online www.oliverbrown.org.uk 
Oliver Brown striped morning trousers
Also in the traditional stripe in 100% wool, half lined, zip fly and side adjusters. Price again £135

Oliver Brown grey morning suit
If wearing a grey morning coat, the trousers should match the coat in colour and fabric like a suit. Above is an
Oliver Brown  morning suit:
Morning coat: 100% wool in grey £475
Trousers: matching £135

Shoes and Socks:
Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken:
Shoes must be black with laces, plain and highly polished (although not patent)
Best going for the plain Oxford shoe. 

Herrings Knightsbridge Oxfords
Herring Shoes, one of the sponsors for the Leech racing in Devon suggest their black hi-shine oxford shoe the Knightsbridge which is part of their Classic collection.  Made from calf leather for the upper, full leather lining, leather insoles and Goodyear welted soles.  Handmade in Northamptonshire at the Loake factory for Herring Shoes
Available for £155 online at www.herringshoes.co.uk  

Socks: no coloured socks just plain black or grey.

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  1. Boys just look so glamorous in morning suit - we're looking forward to seeing them all on Friday. X