27 August 2010

Tesco's F&F Christmas 2010 Collection

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good and Tesco’s F&F Christmas collection proves that.

Tesco F&F clothing.Image by PRshots
 Sharp tailoring is the key theme for the office xmas party with modish slim-fit suits featuring contrast piping on the lapels teamed with a skinny tie and shirt set.
The suit jacket is only £34 and trousers £15 – so you don’t have to worry about splashing a bit of wine on them, who cares if the suit gets ruined, just enjoy the festivities and for that money you can just go out and buy another one.

Tesco F&F clothing. Image by PR shots
For more relaxed and casual xmas parties get the F&F contemporary look by wearing their rich velvet blazer with faded jeans and their rock t-shirt.

Tesco F&F clothing. Image by PRshots
And on your way to the party jazz up Tesco's classic belted trench coat with a chunky scarf, a funky deerstalker hat or muted checked trilby hat and leather gloves.
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23 August 2010

Hair Wash on the go - Melvita's new organic and sulphate-free Shower Shampoo

Probably most mornings you don’t have a lot of time for your beauty regime other than a quick shower, shave and hair wash.
That’s OK and you’re forgiven because who wants to lose precious sleep so you can wake up earlier to start your ablutions? But although you may cut corners in your routine, you can’t really afford to cut corners in the products you use.

 Melvita, the French organic beauty brand, have a solution with their new shampoo ‘Shower Shampoo’. This shampoo is extra gentle so can be used daily and can also double up as a shower gel – so no time wasted looking for two products and one less bottle to worry about.

This Shower shampoo is organic and sulphate free.
Now you may ask why sulphate free? Apparently most shampoos /shower gels/soaps etc. contain sulphate to help the product lather better but there are queries as to whether it is actually good for the skin and hair. So without compromising on quality and effectiveness, Melvita decided to forego the sulphate and instead use an abundance of alternative natural ingredients to gently care for your hair and skin. Admittedly you may not get as many suds from your sulphate-free shampoo but that’s a small price to pay for healthier hair.

This shampoo is also ideal to take to the gym

Shower Shampoo is not the only Melvita sulphate-free shampoo. They have a wide range designed for specific hair types such as oily, dandruff, dry, normal and chemically treated. So it is a good idea to alternate with the one for your hair type and the Shower Shampoo.

Melvita also have three new conditioners which are silicone- free.  
Silicone-based conditioners coat the hair shaft but only give the illusion of health, unlike Melvita’s silicone-free conditioners which actually complement and further enhance the results of the shampoos by adding extra moisture and nourishment.

Where to buy
At the moment, the Melvita range can be purchased at Whole Food Stores, selected John Lewis stores and online from www.melvita.co.uk and www.lookfantastic.com. But as from November you’ll be able to browse through all the range in the first UK Melvita dedicated store which will be based in Covent Garden.

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17 August 2010

New men's designer Am Golhar's Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Specialising in knitwear, Am Golhar gained her expertise of high quality yarns such as alpaca and cashmere from Central St. Martins where she achieved an honours degree in Textiles.
Here she decided to blend her love of creating art through textures with her passion for fashion and created her own menswear range.

When asked why she decided to design knitwear for men instead of women, Am replied:
“Everybody always asks why menswear” (ooops) “But then why do men design for women? I really love men’s knitwear, it’s so fun and exciting and I have so many ideas. It’s a challenge to always create a textured menswear fabric that does not look feminine. I’ve always fallen in to menswear throughout everything I did, if I was creating a swatch it always seemed so masculine, whether in the colours or textures.”

Knitwear is not only restricted to the tops but knitted cable joggers as well, not the usual pair of trousers a guy wears you might say, but Am is aiming for the guy who loves fashion and knitwear and does not mind being quirky.
In her spring/summer 2011 (more details later) she has designed cooler three quarter length knitted bottoms and states “No one does this so why not? I had to”.

On some of her tops the length is long: “I wanted to produce something oversized. All the vest tops are long and oversized – they are just fun and just comfy”

For her autumn/winter 2010 collection, Am took inspiration from body armour and focused on texture.
The shoulders of the tops are round and large to give a body armoured feel................
...........and the hoods and oversized knits resemble chain mail. Chunky and fine gauges are created by both hand and machine knitting, whilst the ladders and hole stitches were hand knitted.
Yarns used were alpacas/wools and cashmere giving a luxurious feel to these edgy designs.
Colours are muted in greys, browns, green, camel and taupes.

A few leather pieces – jogging pants (with a subtle diamond embossed pattern) and jackets complement the collection.

Am recently showcased her collection at Stitch, London’s dedicated trade show and for more details you can contact Am herself on info@am-golhar.com

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15 August 2010

Champion - new fragrance by Davidoff

The new Davidoff sport fragrance, Champion, is aptly packaged in a dumbbell bottle design of a dark cylindrical middle with silver metal weights at both ends.

photo from www.prshots.com for The Perfume Shop
But what’s the fragrance like?
Well it is designed to be fresh and masculine for the man who has sport as an integral part of his life alongside success and power.
Tall order for just one scent, so you decide.

The immediate top notes of lemon and bergamot are light and zingy giving a fresh fragrance.
Then the heart notes of Galbanum and Clary Sage along with the heavier masculine woody base notes of Cedar Wood accords and Oak Moss come through.

The bottle design is great and it’ll be one dumbbell you won’t mind carrying in your gym bag.

Available on www.the perfumeshop.com

Other Davidoff EDT for men on Amazon

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14 August 2010


OK, it’s not just for men, but I had to get your attention and how else would you discover this new cleansing mousse?
Now some of you Prince Charmings will have your beauty routine down to a fine art but some of you may still be on the misguided path that soap and water is enough. So this blog is divided in to 2 categories:

No you can’t use any old soap and no you can’t use your shower gel on your face.
You’re just stripping your skin of its natural oils which will leave it prone to spots, blackheads, redness, dryness and sensitivity, not to mention wrinkles. Yes I know wrinkles on guys can make them rugged and interesting looking, but you’ve got plenty of time for that look so let’s not help nature go down this path prematurely.
The way to great looking skin starts with using the right cleansing product i.e. one that says for the face on the bottle or package. 

The new Decleor Aroma Cleanse is actually great for you beauty routine novices, because it is a 3 in 1 cleanser which means less beauty routine steps for you to follow!!

All you have to do is put a small amount on your hands, mix with water and wash your face with it and the following steps will happen automatically– simple.

Step 1 – Deep cleansing.
 After washing wipe off with one of the damp cotton cloths provided.

Step 2 – Skin Polishing and Perfecting.
 If you’re a soap and water guy you probably have never exfoliated. This cleanser’s ingredients of grapefruit, papaya extract and Japanese mulberry will gently slough away those dull dead skin cells for you.

Step 3 – Hydrating and Plumping.
 Do you use moisturiser? You should, but  for those who don’t at least the cleanser’s  Neroli essential oil will help calm the skin and its Hydauronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in moisture .

And just in case you feel embarrassed using a cleanser, the plain matt white bottle will ensure this mousse will sit unobtrusively along with your shampoos and shower gels. 

Prince Charmings
You may put more emphasis on your moisturisers but if you don’t cleanse correctly and with the right product then all your hard work may be in vain.
Use a cleanser containing too much alcohol and like the soap and water guys, you could be striping your skin of its natural oils. This in turn may set the skin to compensate and produce more oils which result in spots and blackheads.  Some cleansers are designed to use with their toners, so beware if not used with its toner it may leave a residue of grime behind.

The new Decleor Aroma Cleanse is for all skin types and no toner is needed. It is also paraben free.

 As above the cleanser has 3 actions:
1 –Deep Cleansing
It deep cleanses and comes with 2 cotton cloths. Mix a small amount with water and wash the face. Then wipe off with one of the damp cotton cloths. This action helps exfoliate and buff the skin and ensures no residue is left.

2- Skin Polishing and Perfecting.
 You probably do exfoliate and keep up the good work. This cleanser has gentle exfoliating ingredients of grapefruit, papaya extract and Japanese mulberry, so great to use in between your weekly exfoliation.

3- Hydrating and Plumping.
 The nourishing Neroli essential oil and Hylauronic acid in this cleanser are not substitutes for your own moisturiser, but will just give a boost. Hylauronic acid is usually an ingredient found in eye serums and moisturisers to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

So guys – just because the bottle doesn’t say for men, don’t discount it.  

And the full name?

At the moment, this product is only available on www.qvcuk.com  until May 2011 when it has its worldwide launch

Other  Decleor for men products on Amazon

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11 August 2010

Kirk Originals New Generation Eyewear - Lord Kirk of Wycombe

Quirky and stylish eyewear designers Kirk Originals have used their own super powers to create a new range called the New Generation Heroes.

Here we find 8 designs named after heroes created by Jason Kirk himself and all with super powers. 

The style – A black brooding frame with flashes of neon colours asymmetrically placed in textured stripes on the left hand side. The colours are orange, turquoise, red or silver.

And the heroes? 
We've already introduced you to Jack Kirk with his time travel super power earlier in his own post dated 14 June
Now it's the turn of Lord Kirk of Wycombe with his half framed design.

Unfortunately Lord Kirk is no longer with us as he led the bloody Embroiderers Union revolution of 1439 and met an untimely death in pursuit of his political goals when he threw himself in front of the Queen’s spinning jenny.
His super power was that he could knit very quickly – which may have been the reason why he was much misunderstood by the British working classes.  However his Kirk Originals probably ensured he didn’t drop a stitch.  With one of the autumn/winter trend this year being layers of knitwear, he would have been very popular today.  

And if you like the look of his eyewear design then visit
Kirk Originals Flagship store: 6 Conduit Street, W1S 1XE, 020 7499 0060,
Website: www.kirkoriginals.com
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8 August 2010

Clive Christian's New Luxury Perfume 'C' For Men

To celebrate 10 years  at the top of the luxury perfume industry, Clive Christian has just released a new perfume creation named ’C’ from his private collection, the first since 1999.

‘C’ For Men is described as dominant and seductive with Saffron at the heart with notes of the extremely rare Snow Lotus which is apparently a well known aphrodisiac. (form a queue boys form a queue!)
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and it takes up to 250,000 saffron crocus flowers to create one pound of this spice.

The perfume concentrate is presented in an amber bottle to pay tribute to the origins of the Crown Perfumery where all perfumes created under Queen Victoria’s royal crown were coloured amber or green. Also in keeping with tradition, ‘C’ has matching perfumes for men and women (as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert often requested).

Famous for creating the world’s most expensive perfume (aptly named No 1) in 1999, you will be  pleased to know ‘C’ is to retail at the more attainable price of £195 for a 50ml bottle, and will be available at Fortnum & Mason and The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrods.   

And if you can't treat yourself, hint to your loved one that you'd like it for Christmas. You never know, if you are on Santa’s nice list, he may bring  a bottle down your chimney on Christmas Eve. But if you’re on the naughty list- then you may get it earlier!!!

Other Clive Christian perfumes can be purchased on Amazon

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7 August 2010

Givaudan's iPerfumer is a New free App for your iPhone which will help you choose fragrances.

You now can combine your love of technology with your love of colognes with iPefumer, the new free App for your iPod from the leading perfumery house Givaudan.

This new app is the first perfume recommendation tool for both men and women, and will take out most of the guesswork to help you select your perfect fragrance.

How does it work?
First you create a profile with your details: name, age, sex etc.
Once completed, iPerfumer will ask you to rate the different scents usually found in colognes:
Citrus; floral; chypre; fougere; oriental; and woody.
You give the number of stars by each or click on no preference.
And if you don’t know what these scents smell like e.g. chypre or fougere for instance (and who does?) , then there is a help button next to it which will describe the scent and give examples of colognes.
With this information the iPerfumer is then able to recommend the colognes which have the scents you prefer. The recommended colognes are shown with a photo of the bottle and a breakdown of the ingredients in to top notes, the heart and the base.

You can also give ratings on a particular cologne you’ve used in the past and the iPerfumer will then give alternatives you may like. These ratings are then stored and collated to provide an average score so users can see the popularity of a particular fragrance.

You are also not limited to your own profile, I’m sure friends, relatives and partners would be happy to add their profile. This way you’ll never forget what their favourite perfume/cologne is. Hooray!! - Sorry guys but it always amazes me that you can have your perfume bottle scattered everywhere – in the bathroom, bedroom and fridge (the scent lasts longer) and still on birthdays and at Christmas you get something the sales assistant recommended!!!
But if you did want to buy them something new to try, at least now you don’t have to rely on the sales assistant to choose for you - you have a good guideline on hand to show what they may like.

With over 4,000 masculine and feminine prestige fragrances stored in its data base, iPerfumer is a great tool for those who love technology on the go and want to learn more about fragrances. You can load iPerfumer from the Apple store and oh did I mention the App is free.
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