11 August 2010

Kirk Originals New Generation Eyewear - Lord Kirk of Wycombe

Quirky and stylish eyewear designers Kirk Originals have used their own super powers to create a new range called the New Generation Heroes.

Here we find 8 designs named after heroes created by Jason Kirk himself and all with super powers. 

The style – A black brooding frame with flashes of neon colours asymmetrically placed in textured stripes on the left hand side. The colours are orange, turquoise, red or silver.

And the heroes? 
We've already introduced you to Jack Kirk with his time travel super power earlier in his own post dated 14 June
Now it's the turn of Lord Kirk of Wycombe with his half framed design.

Unfortunately Lord Kirk is no longer with us as he led the bloody Embroiderers Union revolution of 1439 and met an untimely death in pursuit of his political goals when he threw himself in front of the Queen’s spinning jenny.
His super power was that he could knit very quickly – which may have been the reason why he was much misunderstood by the British working classes.  However his Kirk Originals probably ensured he didn’t drop a stitch.  With one of the autumn/winter trend this year being layers of knitwear, he would have been very popular today.  

And if you like the look of his eyewear design then visit
Kirk Originals Flagship store: 6 Conduit Street, W1S 1XE, 020 7499 0060,
Website: www.kirkoriginals.com
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