14 June 2016


Old Forester, America’s first bottled bourbon, is the ideal gift for those looking to treat their Dads this Father’s Day.

 With a history as rich as its taste, Old Forester is the only bourbon that has been available pre, post and during Prohibition, and to this day is still made by the same founding family. The Kentucky straight bourbon whisky was first created by George Garvin Brown in 1870 in Louisville. Brown was a pharmacist, and recognised an early need for a reliably high-quality whisky, that met medicinal standards. The bottle still bears a handwritten guarantee from him,

Made using a recipe, which is in keeping of when it was first introduced in 1870, the high in rye bourbon, is full bodied and rich. The spirit delivers a genuine bourbon experience, and smooth character, making it perfect for a Whiskey Smash, the traditional Whiskey Sour cocktail, or sipping neat.

 Old Forester  ABV: 43% Proof: 86
 Nose: Intense and sweet, with a strong floral character alongside hints of mint, rich tobacco leaf and vanilla, underpinned by oak and pine.
 Taste: Rich but smooth, with hints of oak, sweetcorn and rye grain character. Spicy, with soft vanilla and light orange notes.
 Finish: Long, warm and slightly drying. Nice level of sweetness.
 Recommended serve: The Old Forester Bourbon Smash
 Glass: Tumbler
 Ice: Crushed
 Method: Shake
 Garnish: Mint Sprig
 Ingredients: 50ml Old Forester Lemon wedge (1/4 lemon) 1 tsp. of white caster sugar 8 mint leaves Method: Add sugar and 2 teaspoons of water into an empty cocktail shaker and stir for 30 seconds or so. Pour all of the remaining ingredients into the shaker and add ice. Shake vigorously and then pour into a tumbler full of crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig.
 Stockists: Available at all good independent whiskey retailers
 RRP: £29.99
 Maturity isn’t just about whiskey. Please enjoy responsibly.
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