20 May 2012

Union Jack the Lad style at Lambretta Clothing

With the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the forthcoming Olympics, this is the best time to show off your patriotic colours.

The Carnaby Street based brand Lambretta Clothing is going all out with their Union Jack fine gauge sweater. 100% cotton price £60 www.lambrettaclothing.co.uk

Definitely not giving the elbow to the celebrations is this Lambretta Union Jack elbow fine gauge sweater. Available in navy, light blue and grey. Price £60.  

Don’t carry the world on your shoulders, just Great Britain with Lambretta’s polo shirts. From the front they are plain white or navy, but turn around and you’ll make a patriotic impact. 100% cotton Price £35 

Don’t worry if this is all too bright and bold, turn off the colour and go monochrome with:
Lambretta‘s grey version of their Union Jack fine gauge sweater. Price £60

All available via  www.lambrettaclothing.co.uk  .

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