4 December 2010

Shirt & Ties - the Casual Country Look

For those days when you want a more relaxed look but without looking scruffy and unkempt, where comfort is high on the list rather than trends and fashion:

Eton checked shirt and bowtie

For a smart casual look wear a button down collar shirt – a style introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1900 and the story goes - John Brooks took the idea from wealthy polo players’ shirt collars which were buttoned down so they didn’t flap about during a match. This look was popularised by American businessmen.

Oxford cotton is ideal for less formal shirts  – it is softer heavier cotton than poplin, more comfortable and hard wearing - so ideal for the winter months.
M&S woollen tie
Woollen ties are great for the winter, keeping your neck warm and the ultimate is the cashmere tie.
Viyella Tattersall shirt
Cotton blended with Merino wool combines warmth and durability of wool with the weight and comfort of cotton. Developed in 1890 by Hollins, a Derbyshire mill owner and branded Viyella, it was originally a blend of 55% merino wool and 45% long staple cotton. Now the mix is usually 80% cotton and 20% wool for a fresher and tailored look.

The country check of Tattersall (named after the patterned horse blankets used in Richard Tattersall’s famous market) is still a classic and looks smart with a tie.
You can find a good selection of checks: Cheltenham, Tattersall, Lindfield and Newmarket on www.peterchristian.co.uk

Tesco shirt & tie

Christmas is near and you’ll probably get a shirt or tie from Santa. But please don’t rely on him to choose as he’ll only pick out what he likes and not necessarily what suits your colouring, personality or lifestyle. So give him a hint at least – how else will you have fun showing off the real you?

All  images supplied by PR Shots.

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