22 December 2010

MELVITA - men's organic grooming products

Melvita, the French organic beauty brand, have formulated a new natural grooming range to address the unique characteristics of men’s skin.
The most exciting one is the SHAVING INNOVATION

Melvita Aftershave Balm and Shaving Cream both contain a unique complex designed to slow beard regrowth. It is a blend of fruit extracts from Papaya and Lemon with an extract from Olive leaves that works to reduce the speed and thickness of hair re-growth.
Soft and rich shaving cream lifts facial stubble for a smooth shave.  Shea Butter, Birch Sap and Aloe Vera combine to hydrate and soften the skin, helping prevent irritation and any unsightly rashes
A light gel-cream which soothes and repairs the skin post-shaving. Jojoba hydrates and soothes whilst Lemon Pectin reinstates the skin’s protective hydrolipidic film.

But the Hero product of the range is the ANTI-AGEING FLUID

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants agents fly to the rescue and protect your skin helping it look younger for longer.
Its powers come from Everlasting lower Oil which boosts collagen production making skin looking toned-up and smoother. Other powers are taken from plant oil complex such as Olive, Argan, Shea and Siberian Pine Nut which deliver vital phyto-sterols to deeply nourish and hydrate dull skin.

And we all know puffy eyes and dark circles are not just something women suffer from so check out:
Whether you developed your puffy eyes or dark circles from getting in touch with your feminine side and crying over a late night romantic film or burning the midnight oil on the computer, this gel has micro-circulation boosting caffeine ( and you thought it was just for drinking) which reduces puffiness and dark circles.
 Other wonderful ingredients are Acacia Gum to firm and tighten the delicate eye area and Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate the skin.

You’ll be forgiven if you have not heard of this brand before because they only came to our shores early this year.  They have a wonderful shop in Covent Garden (19 Slingsby Place, St Martin’s Courtyard, London WC2E 9AB) or you can purchase these products online www.melvita.co.uk

 History of Melvita
Biologist Bernard Chevilliat founded the brand in 1983 when he started creating a cosmetic range based on products from the beehive.  He’d become fascinated by bees and the vital role they played in the eco system, and so took up beekeeping professionally. Using his knowledge of biology and his love of beekeeping, he was able to develop personal care products as close to nature as possible
He chose the name from the Latin word Mel meaning honey and Vita meaning life. 
In 2002 Melvita was one of the first companies to obtain the ecological and organic ECOCERT certification

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Melvita for men available on Amazon:
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