31 March 2015

Turnbull & Asser - the Pocket Square - 130th Anniversary Film

2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary, in honour of this a series of films have been created to illustrate the key products synonymous with the brand.

We've posted the first 3 films:
' The Shirt',
The 'Tie'

And now it's the turn of the Pocket Square
Do you know the difference between a pocket square and a handkerchief? 'One's for show and one's for blow,' explains Dean Gomilsek-Cole, the creator of many flamboyant designs.

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Belstaff launches Pre Order of the new Beckham for Belstaff Collection‏

Belstaff launches Pre Orders of the Beckham for Belstaff STOCKFIELD jacket. As seen on David Beckham the denim/ leather jacket is available to pre order in Belstaff freestanding boutiques. Register interest in stores from today.

The Stockfield Blouson is part of the second Beckham for Belstaff collection, which will be launching globally for Pre Fall 2015. The Beckham for Belstaff collection focuses on reviving luxury moto classics that have been redefined by Beckham's iconic personal style
STOCKFIELD BLOUSON: £595/ €695/$995

The collection also sees the relaunch of the best selling STANNARD leather jacket.  £1,295/€1,495/ $1,995

Available from mid April 2015 in a new Racing Green colour way. The black leather version will also be relaunching in stores, online and with select wholesale partners.

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Turnbull & Asser - The Suit - 130th Anniversary Film

2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary, in honour of this a series of films have been created to illustrate the key products synonymous with the brand.

We've posted the first 2 films:
' The Shirt',
The 'Tie'

And now it's the turn of the Suit
'The Suit is the Frame, the Shirt and Tie are the Artwork' says Head of Design Dean Gomilsek-Cole

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30 March 2015

LIGHTS OUT! Party at Kettner's‏

Kettner's in Soho is throwing a Lights Out! party on Friday 24th April.
Kettners will be transformed for one night only into a fun filled journey to the heart of wartime London after dark. 

Turn out in military finery and prepare to jitterbug the night away in a world inspired by roaring 40s dance halls and the home front’s neighbourly spirit.
What to expect on the night:
Union jacks, sandbags, oil lamps and searchlights.
A wartime inspired menu served with a contemporary fine dining twist.
Tom Collins cocktails served in tin cups at our authentic naval bar. 
The opportunity to fiddle your ration books or catch a celebrity visiting an air raid shelter incognito, in the interactive theatre games.
An early evening dance class from Swing Patrol.
 Stylish performances and cabaret shenanigans from dapper Desmond O’Connor and forces sweetheart Lili La Scala.
Showgirl sirens Betsy Rose, Ruby Deshabille and Giddy Heights.
Rousing live music from Oompah Brass quintet, 
Close harmony trio Toot Suite, a house band guaranteed to get you Lindy hopping, plus London’s finest gramophone manipulators playing on into the wee small hours.

Dress code inspirations: allied forces chap and GI visiting for one night only (although dressing up in not compulsory)
Churchill’s Fine Dining Menu and party - £65 per person
Party only general admission - £25 per person
Saturday 24th April 2015 6pm – 1am
Kettner’s ,
29 Romilly Street
Tel 020 7734 6112

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New Sebago SS15 Collection‏

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28 March 2015


Sensodyne®, sensitive teeth experts, launch Sensodyne® True White, to help sensitivity sufferers gently whiten their teeth
Research shows that nearly half of the UK population (44%) are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth and 75% want them to be whiter.
 However,in the quest for a whiter smile, sensitivity sufferers may be compromising the needs of their sensitive teeth by switching between a specialised sensitive toothpaste and an everyday whitening toothpaste, which may have higher abrasivity.

Offering a specialist one-paste solution, Sensodyne®, sensitive teeth experts, is launching the latest breakthrough in whitening for sensitive teeth.
Available from boots for £7.99 in Extra Fresh and Mint flavours:

New Sensodyne® True White is a unique, ultra-low abrasion toothpaste designed to care for sensitive teeth and gently whiten, with twice daily brushing.
More than ten times less abrasive than many everyday whitening toothpastes Sensodyne® True White provides specialist care for sensitive teeth, whilst helping to gently lift and prevent tooth stains.
“A healthy and natural white smile is increasingly important for many of us – it’s the first thing you see when you meet someone and it can have a major impact on confidence,” says Paul Cootes Vice President Sensitivity Acid Erosion Research & Development. “By switching between a sensitive toothpaste and an everyday whitening toothpaste, which may have higher abrasivity, sensitivity sufferers could be losing out on the most appropriate care for their condition and increasing wear of these sensitive areas of teeth.”

Sensitive teeth are caused by the gradual exposure of dentine through the loss of enamel on the tooth's surface or gum recession. Sensitivity is characterised by a short, sharp pain or a dull, throbbing ache in response to an external stimulus, such as eating or drinking hot, cold or sweet things. This exposed dentine, which can be up to ten times softer than enamel, is more susceptible to abrasive wear. Research has shown that brushing with an ultra-low abrasion toothpaste, such as Sensodyne® True White, is as gentle to exposed dentine as brushing with water after 10 days of use.
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Farah Easter Weekend Collection

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Chester Barrie SS15 Resort Dressing

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Jack Wills | Summer Campaign Film & Menswear Collection Launch‏

The Jack Wills Summer collection (the second from new Creative Director, Richard Nicoll) has arrived!!

The mood is what summer is about when you’re young: There are no rules, you can go where you want and wear what you want. It’s exciting and unplanned, you get completely swept up in the here and now” Richard Nicoll, Creative Director for Jack Wills

Their Summer Campaign includes the following film:

For the direct link to the summer collection:

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27 March 2015


A new cinematic short film is set to get pulses racing with the release of ‘Foreplay Meets Swordplay’ – a cheeky video of a sword fight between a man and a woman that follows their moves as they slice their way through a stunning backdrop.

 Launched by Wilkinson Sword, the video plays on the brand’s heritage of sword making that stems back over 200 years and the precision of the razor blades it makes today.

Showcasing a playful sword fight, the couple lunge and attack with their swords to ultimately free each other’s skin as pieces of their clothing slowly get sliced away to reveal their bodies. Filmed in a historic hotel in the heart of Brussels, the set features a giant chandelier and winding staircase as the couple are seen playfully running after each other in an intricate duel.

The video aims to highlight the craftsmanship in sword and blade production, which has been part of Wilkinson Sword’s history since 1772 when they began manufacturing swords for the British Army.

Lucy Oxley, Regional Senior Product Manager of Energizer Wilkinson Sword said: “Precision and craftsmanship has been part of Wilkinson Sword’s DNA since its inception. This video has been created to showcase our innovative and fresh approach to grooming in a memorable and creative way to inspire both women and men to ‘free their skin’ using our razors.’’
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24 March 2015

French Connection Menswear SS15

Left: Model wearing Chokwe Colour Fish Hood jacket in Ayers Red £135. Also available in Princes blue.

Middle: Model wearing Kwandi Geometric Print shirt in Ayers Red £40. (A close up of the print is on the pattern shown on the left )

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22 March 2015

Keeping it Brief - ABOUT beeswax men's underwear‏

Innovative underwear brand ABOUT latest addition to their technology and wellness collection is antibacterial and skin-caring Beeswax finishing for sensitive skin.. 

Available in boxers and vests
Direct link is:
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Orlebar Brown x Emilio Pucci Collaboration

Emilio Pucci and Orlebar Brown announce their brand collaboration for Spring 2015.

The twenty piece collection for men and women re-connects Pucci with its roots in resort-style menswear, and for Orlebar Brown explores the timeless allure of the Italian jet set.

Tailored swim shorts, an Orlebar Brown speciality, are at the core of the offering.
 Featuring small geometrics pulled from the Pucci archives, the patterns re-open the doors to an exciting and less visible period in Pucci’s great print history.

Dischi print
Abirinto print

Though the colour blocking and magnetic swirls of the 1950s and 1960s are today the best known of the Marquis Emilio Pucci’s expansive print oeuvre, these unusual, tightly formatted graphics - from the late 1960s and 70s - offer a totally fresh approach to the house’s signature pattern.

Baiadera print

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21 March 2015

Turnbull & Asser - the TIE - 130th Anniversary Film

2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary, in honour of this a series of films have been created to illustrate the key products synonymous with the brand.

We've posted the first film ' The Shirt',

 Now the second film to be released is the history of ‘The Tie’. 'The Tie Man', Stuart Hamilton, knows a thing or two about the accessory that every gentlemen uses to express his personality. He also has a James Bond claim to fame…

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11 March 2015


A new study dubbed the 'Colourless Future Census' commissioned by Dulux, the country's best loved paint brand, warns that the country is sleepwalking into a colourless future. The study shows how colour is gradually draining out of all elements of life from fashion and beauty, to technology, architecture and homes and interiors.

 Applied Colour Psychologist, Karen Haller, states: "If we were to live in a world without colour, we would switch off all natural human feelings and emotion and, in essence, would lose touch with who we really are".

The findings also reveal the colours that Brits associate with certain decades.
 People lived for sunshine yellow for the 1960s, purple for the 1970s and electric blue for the 1980s. But we see the 1990s as sand coloured, the 2000s as a more muted gunmetal grey and the current decade as black.
 Looking ahead, when asked which colours are likely to be most prevalent in the future, 65% plumped for silver, 41% white and 28% grey.

 To bring the problem to life and demonstrate that a future without colour would be lacking in emotion and expression, Dulux staged a disruptive stunt in the streets of London. The photography displays a typical commuter scene, only stripped of all colour with the people dressed head-to-toe in white with their faces obscured to hide any hint of expression or personality.

Both the photography and 'Colourless Future Census' have been created to inspire people to embrace colour in all aspects of their lives and appreciate the transformative and emotional power of colour.

The findings revealed that confidence plays an important part in people's choice of colour. More than half (56 %) of Britons said they would like to use more colour in all aspect of life, but were worried about what friends and family might think. A fifth of people (21%) also revealed that they aren't confident enough to use bright colour in any aspect of their lives and the same number revealed they are reluctant to stand out.

 From the clothes we wear to the paint in our homes, the survey has revealed that we have lost our vibrancy and confidence in the shades we choose. Over two-thirds (67%) suggest that Brits were more expressive with colour in the past than they are nowadays and therefore they were happier times (66%) and people were more expressive with their emotions (63%).
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Villain SS15 - Prints Charming

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7 March 2015

Turnbull & Asser - The Shirt - 130th Anniversary Film

2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary, in honour of this a series of films have been created to illustrate the key products synonymous with the brand. First of the films to be released is the history of ‘The Shirt’.
Turnbull & Asser’s royal warrant holder Steven Quin discusses the exceptional skills that go into producing the perfect shirt, handmade in England, and how the company’s bespoke shirt-making service has attracted an impressive roster of royal and celebrity clientele.

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6 March 2015

Stella Artois Buy a Lady a Drink‏

With the support of Water.org and its co-founders Matt Damon and Gary White, Stella Artois launched its first global social impact campaign ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ to drive awareness of the global water crisis and help provide solutions.
Stella Artois’ first global social impact campaign Limited-edition Chalices help support the cause
One Chalice provides five years of clean water to one person in the developing world

The three unique and beautifully designed Chalices were inspired by traditional handcrafted objects from three of the developing countries where Water.org operates, including textiles from India, baskets from Ethiopia and pottery from Honduras. The Chalices can be purchased via the following link chalice.stellaartois.comin the UK 
Stella Artois has made a donation of $1.2 million USD to Water.org and is now inviting the nation to join the cause by purchasing limited-edition Chalices.
Beyond purchasing a Chalice, information about the Stella Artois Buy a Lady a Drink campaign, the partnership with Water.org and stories of women directly impacted by the global water crisis can be found by visiting http://www.BuyALadyADrink.com.

Every day, women around the world spend a combined 200 million hours collecting clean water for their familiesBuy a Lady a Drink aims to help put a stop to these water-collecting journeys, so women can start new journeys of their own.

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Braun launches #BeardLookBook‏

2015 looks set to be a big year for the beard and to celebrate, male grooming brand Braun and its style scouts have compiled an extensive #BeardLookBook on Pinterest featuring the hottest and most authentic facial hair from across the globe.

A well-groomed beard can highlight your best features and hide your worst. Indeed, choosing the right beard style is as important for your appearance and style identity as the clothes you wear.

Braun’s Styling Ambassador, Fabio Vivan, says

“No matter what’s trending this year, go for something that really represents YOU.”

Similar to choosing a haircut, a beard has to complement the shape of your face and factors like the thickness and texture of your facial hair all come in to play. Thankfully Braun and Mohawk Matt, Founder & Chief Barber at Bolt Barbers, have some tips on how to choose the look that will suit you best.

Oblong Face:
Styles like “Mutton Chops”, “A La Suvorov”, “Dali”, or even “Friendly Mutton Chops” work to balance your oblong-ness into an attractive and attracting attraction.

Rectangle Face
 We highly recommend the “Chin Curtain”, “Short But Boxed beard”, “Ducktail”, or “The French Fork” for dudes cursed with right angles.

 Round Face: 
Focus your facial frontier on your chin, with styles like “Chin Puff”, “Sir Walter Raleigh”, “Balboa”, “Sparrow”, “Goatee”, “The Zappa”, or “Soul Patch”

Oval Face: 
This is the best face shape to have, because it can literally host ANY beard style. Take your pick. Change it up often. Try the “Long John” or the #lumbersexual look.

Square Face:
Try “Petit Goatee”, “Anchor”, or even the “Hollywoodian”. Avoid full beards.

Diamond Face 
Anything from “Rap Industry Standard” to “Chin Curtain” to “Anchor” will work as will extended 'stache styles like “Fu Manchu” “The Winnfield.”

 Inverted Triangle:
 “Mutton Chops”, a “Fu Manchu”, or even “Franz-Josef” would be a totally engaging look and a real head turner.

Triangle Face 
A “Goatee”, “”Anchor”, or even “”Sir Walter Raleigh” is perfect to grace your isosceles triangle.
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Organic juice brand ‘Juiceman’ are bringing their unique cold-pressed juices to legendary store Fortnum & Mason.

 The 100% organic, cold-pressed and unpasteurised juices, nut milks and shots are the result of four years of research by Andrew Cooper (the Ex Diet Coke model ) and chef Arthur Potts Dawson who joined forces last year to test and develop juice recipes.

Juiceman’s concept is to provide an easy way to complement your busy lifestyle and maintain optimum health. From seed to bottle, everything is hand-picked, handmade and hand bottled.
 Each 250ml glass bottle providesover 1kg of organic raw fruit and vegetables.
You can find the following Juiceman juices on the Lower Ground Floor of Fortnum & Mason from Friday 6th March:

 #J1 - Detox 
Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Chard, Watercress, Fennel, Lemon 

 #J2 - Alkalize
Apple, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Romaine, Ginger, Lemon 

 #J5 - Energize
 Pineapple, Cucumber, Lemon, Chia Seeds

 #J6 - Health
 Apple, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Yellow Beet, Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric

 #J7 - Purify 
Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Celery, Ginger

 #J8 - Cleanse 
Orange, Carrot, Turmeric, Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper

 #M2 - Cashew Milk
 Cashews, Dates, Vanilla, Himalayan Salt

 #M3 - Turmeric Milk 
Cashews, Dates, Vanilla, Turmeric, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Himalayan Salt 

 S5 – Awaken shot 
Ginger, Lemon, Manuka Honey 

 S6 – Skin shot 
Fresh Aloe Vera, Chia Seeds, Grapefruit, Cucumber 

 S7 – Immunity shot 
Echinacea, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lemon, Manuka Honey

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3 March 2015

Experience HALFLIFE, the light installation within the new King's Cross foot tunnel‏

From Friday 6th March commuters and pedestrians using the new King’s Cross foot tunnel will be greeted by, HALFLIFE, an immersive, durational light installation created by award winning design practice Speirs + Major.

HALFLIFE is available to view daily from 6th March 2015, 06:30 to 20:30

 Location: Pedestrian Tunnel, 1 Pancras Square, King's Boulevard, King's Cross, London

Delivered in association with the King’s Cross Central Partnership , HALFLIFE is a site-specific work using the medium of light to synthesize a digital journey through light and colour.

HALFLIFE is built upon a construct of digital, ordered cycles building from light to dark and beginning with bold, dramatic steps gradually becoming calmer until they dissolve ghost like - leaving just a trace of the light that has been - before the sequence resets itself to reveal an altogether new cycle.

Within the tunnel’s 90m-glazed wall are concealed 180 sources that work together to create a rich palette of animated colour. Each of the sources consists of five individual elements: red, green and blue light, complemented by warm and cool white. These then are carefully blended together to create a wide variety of hues, tones and saturations.

 Whilst, the juxtapositions of light and dark, order and chaos, past and present, peaceful and energetic are possible to observe in one viewing, the gradual evolution of hue and saturation are only recognisable across the piece’s entire duration, creating a new experience on each journey and even each footstep.

 Keith Bradshaw, Principal at Speirs + Major said: ‘We have designed HALFLIFE so that no two moments in the tunnel will be experienced the same. Each visitor will have their own perception of time and distance, immersed in light, dark and colour’.
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Sportswear Label' Be An Athlete' bring out new Premium Range

Double layered hoodies, accentuating v neck training tops and ultrasoft tracksuit bottoms make up the new collection, founded by Health and Fitness expert Phil Learney

Be An Athlete's new Premium range uses highly resilient and heat resisting materials and specially designed elements to create a line that is high quality in both how it looks and how it feels.

Wear Premium: Check out the whole collection on:

Train Premium: Phil Learney's website is http://www.phillearney.com/

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2 March 2015

Dockers SS15 - On The Go!

Soon to be available www.dockers.com

Available now is :

Left ot Right 
On the Go Blazer in navy

Plaid Blazer in blue

Perfect Blazer in tobacco

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Turnbull & Asser 130 year Celebration and Gloucester Factory expansion

2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary as the world renowned authority in gentleman’s dressing and as leading shirt and tie makers.

 Looking to the future the brand announces the expansion of their Gloucester work rooms. Situated in Quedgeley, Gloucester, founded in 2003, will extend its production capabilities to approximately 70,000 shirts per year to meet the rise in global demand for the brands esteemed made in England bespoke and ready-to-wear shirts.

The number of people employed in the work rooms will increase to 101; in addition, new machinery has been added to enable a new manufacturing ‘line’ to be created within the facility that extends over two buildings to approximately 1,300 square metres in total.

In honour of the 130th anniversary, Turnbull & Asser has created a series of films which will be housed on a microsite to illustrate key products that are synonymous with the brand and which remain, proudly made in England. The films take you on a discovery, looking closely into the past and present developments of iconic Turnbull & Asser products; the shirt, the tie, the gown, the suit and the pocket square - narrated by those who have played an integral part in the 130 year journey.
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