1 May 2011

Get your tassles and pennies out for your Loafers

We've seen the plain loafer now it's time to get your tassles and pennies out!
Firstly the tantalising Tassle Loafer
Tassle loafers were originally considered a more casual shoe but are often seen now paired with sports coats,
Angelo Galasso

The tassles were originally to tie the shoe but now just for decoration. Angelo Galasso’s 2 tone tassle loafer blends smoothly from tan to the brown around the toes and definitely doesn't look casual. Price £480
Angelo Galasso's stand alone store is at 8-10 Hans Road London. Tel: 0207 584 3978

Bodileys Morcott tassle loafer
Bodileys of Northampton have just started making their own range of shoes, one of which is the Morcott, a tassle loafer in a chocolate brown suede with contrasting leather tassles This range is so new that the price hasn’t been confirmed but will start from £275 upwards depending on style and type. Details should be on their website soon. www.shoesnorthampton.co.uk

And now for the penny pinching Penny Loafer
In 1934, a bootmaker called Bass started to produce the loafer with a strip of leather across the front of the shoe with a diamond shape cut out. Instead of calling them loafers, he chose to name them weejuns (after the Norwegians who first started making lafer style shoes) . However they are best known as Penny loafers when Ivy League students started to wear them and began to insert a cent or penny into the diamond shaped slit for decoration. (or maybe they didn’t want to ruin the line of their trousers with loose change)

Herrings Luca Penny Loafer
Herring shoes have a penny loafer style shoe called Luca in their Graduate Collection and costs £99.95. It comes in burgundy or black polish and brown suede. The sole has a rubber insert and vibram rubber heel for durability and grip.

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  1. I look forward to Angelo Galasso shoes coming to the states