20 May 2011

How to get the best fit in a quality suit at a good price

A bespoke suit will be the best fit, but it does come at a hefty price.

So the next best thing is the cheaper made to measure. Here a pre-made pattern will be modified to best fit the customer.  Goldilocks would love it- this suit is not too expensive and not too cheap, it’s just right for a quality suit.

One company that just specialises in made to measure tailoring is ‘A Suit That Fits’on
www.asuitthatfits.com  Tel: 0203 0067999

Here’s Johnny!!! That’s the name of the model and he’s in a Prince of Wales design (code CB-700033-6) in light grey worsted wool perfect for all seasons.  This is in the distinguished range and starts at £305 for a two piece plus any extra styling options.

Their suits are hand tailored in Nepal. Starting with one of their master cutters who all have over 30 years of tailoring experience, the suit pieces are then passed to the tailor for stitching and hand finishing. Once completed the suit is checked at their head office in Kathmandu to make sure the measurements and styles are correct before shipped to England.
All their suits  have half lined trousers and floating canvases

So how does it work?
First step is to choose the style and fabric via their website or by visiting one of their 30 studios nationwide.
They have 3 fabric ranges: Professional, Distinguished and Premiere
The fabrics in both the Distinguished and Premiere ranges are 100% natural fibres, with the Premiere including their finest mohair and wools from the best mills.

The fabric of this navy suit is from the Alfred Brown Yorkshire mills who have been weaving fine worsted fabrics since 1915. Made from pure merino wool (code UKAB-Merino 3) this suit is in the Premiere Range and is ideal for the cooler months. Starts at £375 for a two piece.

Once you’ve selected your fabric, you go on to selecting the style – double or single breasted, one, two or three button etc. But also you can then start selecting the extra details which are synonymous with a quality suit. These are at an additional cost but are reasonable: one of the most expensive is the working cuffs at £25, hand stitched notched lapels are £10, whilst double vents are an extra £6. It can add up but the running total is shown throughout the procedure and allows you to go back and change.
 A Suit That fits say that the average two-piece suit value from their distinguished range comes out at £350 and from their Première range suit at £475. 
There is also a chance to bring out your personality with the choice of lining colours. You don’t always have to have a silver lining, you could go for hot pink, and a two toned effect from their Mystique range or add texture with the stripes and jacquard patterns. Plus you could even go for stitching on lapels and the button hole to match the colour of your lining.

This is a blue medium weight blended herringbone wool from the Distinguished range - ideal for the colder months. (code HAB-5). The bright D51 Paraquette lining keeps the heat up. Starts at £335 for a two piece suit.

Second step is to be measured by either:
Their style advisors in one of their studios for £25.
If you live in London, they can come to you for £50
Do it yourself using their measurement wizard and printable guide for free
The first two include a fit guarantee – no this isn’t some kind of gym membership but a guarantee that your suit will fit and if not then any alterations needed will be at no extra cost. Plus the reordering process is easy as all your details are stored.

And the third and final step is to have the finished suit delivered or you can go to their studio to try it on and ensure it fits perfectly.
www.asuitthatfits.com  Tel: 0203 0067999

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