9 May 2011

Exotic shoe leather - don't get the hump with camel

One of Zanacco’s key pieces for this Spring/Summer 2011 collection is Paulo, a pair of camel leather tassle loafers at £350.00. 

The camel skins are by-products from the Dromedaries in the Middle East/Gulf Region, where they are regularly farmed for their meat or used as working animals. The Bactrian camel which is an endangered species is not used. 
Zanaccco prides itself on being 100% made in Italy, and being the first eco-luxury shoe brand for men.  The shoes are all handmade by local craftsmen from Vigevano. This is the home town of Jasmine Zanacco who wants to inject life back in to the place which once was known as the shoe capital of Italy. And eco-friendly luxury materials are used such as vegetable tanned leather, water based glue and biodegradable oils.

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