24 October 2017

Jir Kalfar SS18 Menswear at London Fashion Week

Influenced by the humble honey bee, the Jiri Kalfar SS18 collection is a salute to the importance of looking after our planet and in particular saving the bees.

 As with his previous collections, much of the focus and the main ethos of the brand is on sustainable, eco-friendly ways to produce luxury garments.

The SS18 collection is an eclectic mix of of semi-couture handmade pieces and more commercial items, using one-off materials reflecting the magic and colour of the bee.

Also inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s ‘intellectuals unite’ speech and climate revolution movement - the collection embodies these beliefs and presents the elements in the most glamorous way possible.

Sequins, velvet, lace and silk have been used to create elegant yet fierce pieces of clothing, with a mixture of daytime and occasion wear.

The colours used represent that of the bee, gold, black and florals to symbolise the fields and gardens that bees pollinate.

The SS18 collection continues to push the boundaries of gender fluidity and is innovative in its shapes and silhouettes, capturing the magic of the environment in all of its natural beauty - this is a collection for the Queen Bee.
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20 October 2017



Ghoulish sunglasses with their own little coffin case
Available exclusively on the 1st floor at Selfridges London

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17 October 2017

Faustine Steinmetz SS18 Dedicated Male Looks at London Fashion Week

SS18 introduces Faustine Steinmetz’s dedicated male looks which is new to the brand with her collection usually being unisex.

 The London based brand specialise in re-producing everyday pieces with unique and artisanal techniques but most importantly sustainable fabrics.

 This new collection is set to revisit the usual classics in an unseen way. The concept of this collection is to replicate exact archetypes of clothing that everyone has or has had in their wardrobe such as an old pair of jeans or even a tracksuit.

 Pieces which are available anywhere in the world in profusion. Faustine has reviewed these by making them from scratch, and by creating extra-ordinary fabrics with forgotten artisanal methods.

 It’s all about a different perspective and approach and providing each basic with a different life and story. The designer, famed for her trompe l’oeil felted “denims” and singular deconstructivist spirit, as always puts sustainability at the centre of this collection.

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16 October 2017

Dans la Vie SS18 - Genderless Mode at London Fashion Week

This season's collection aims to abolish gender lines in fashion.
Dans La Vie's Rira Sugawara uses male models for the first time to showcase these unisex designs.

The pieces take on a sports luxe aesthetic with easy wearing garments such as t-shirts, leggings, denim and knee high socks.

Basic colour palette: beige, red, green and black.
Patterns include camouflage and checker.

Photographer : Simon Armstrong
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15 October 2017

Amesh Debuts with a Gender Neutral Collection at London Fashion Week SS18

Amesh Wijesekera showcased his debut collection at London Fashion Week SS18 in collaboration with SRI, a luxury sustainable lifestyle label launching in February 2018.

In Sanskrit, ‘SRI’ means resplendent, a name which encapsulates the unique beauty of the design but also the pride and wonder of a nation looking to its future.

 SRI is an inspiring bridge between two worlds. This trans-seasonalbrand (gender neutral) is a unique and creative meeting of the millennia-old wisdom of South Asia and the progressive, technologically advanced demands of global high fashion.

 Low-tech meets high-tech in a progressive new addition to the luxury design market.

 An alumnus of the AOD Colombo in Sri Lanka, Amesh captures the essence of his home country; celebrated by the sophisticated traveller as a tropical paradise, the island is filled with pristine white-sand beaches, lush tropical forests and breathtaking mountains.

The debut collection for SRI perfectly depicts the cultural inspiration of Early Ceylon; the history, lifestyle and fashions whilst Amesh creates a modern and contemporary range appealing to a cultured, carefree, adventurous consumer.

 SRI is unique and Amesh has worked closely with design leaders in his native homeland; the range is a mixture of local craft blended with modern techniques; dip dyeing and screen prints are expertly blended with hand woven silks.

 Working with local weaving villages, local craftspeople have highlighted their expertise through their intricate handcrafted overshots, twills, ombre and herring bone effects.

 SRI serves as a source of comfort, self-confidence and self-expression as effortlessly in the urban jungles of London and New York in winter as amidst the rainforests and beaches of their island of origin in the blaze of summer.

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