24 October 2017

Jir Kalfar SS18 Menswear at London Fashion Week

Influenced by the humble honey bee, the Jiri Kalfar SS18 collection is a salute to the importance of looking after our planet and in particular saving the bees.

 As with his previous collections, much of the focus and the main ethos of the brand is on sustainable, eco-friendly ways to produce luxury garments.

The SS18 collection is an eclectic mix of of semi-couture handmade pieces and more commercial items, using one-off materials reflecting the magic and colour of the bee.

Also inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s ‘intellectuals unite’ speech and climate revolution movement - the collection embodies these beliefs and presents the elements in the most glamorous way possible.

Sequins, velvet, lace and silk have been used to create elegant yet fierce pieces of clothing, with a mixture of daytime and occasion wear.

The colours used represent that of the bee, gold, black and florals to symbolise the fields and gardens that bees pollinate.

The SS18 collection continues to push the boundaries of gender fluidity and is innovative in its shapes and silhouettes, capturing the magic of the environment in all of its natural beauty - this is a collection for the Queen Bee.
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