17 October 2017

Faustine Steinmetz SS18 Dedicated Male Looks at London Fashion Week

SS18 introduces Faustine Steinmetz’s dedicated male looks which is new to the brand with her collection usually being unisex.

 The London based brand specialise in re-producing everyday pieces with unique and artisanal techniques but most importantly sustainable fabrics.

 This new collection is set to revisit the usual classics in an unseen way. The concept of this collection is to replicate exact archetypes of clothing that everyone has or has had in their wardrobe such as an old pair of jeans or even a tracksuit.

 Pieces which are available anywhere in the world in profusion. Faustine has reviewed these by making them from scratch, and by creating extra-ordinary fabrics with forgotten artisanal methods.

 It’s all about a different perspective and approach and providing each basic with a different life and story. The designer, famed for her trompe l’oeil felted “denims” and singular deconstructivist spirit, as always puts sustainability at the centre of this collection.

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