11 November 2017

The Swedish School of Textiles Menswear at London Fashion Week

A few BA and MA students from The Swedish School of Textiles showed their collections during London Fashion Week.
Here are the men's collections:
Anne Krogh Tolstrup - Collection titled 'Illusory Deception'
This genderless collection explores the possibilities of illusory print expressions through layering and gathering of opague and transparent garments.

Nathali Elfstrom - Collection titled 'Dress Turned Streetwear- Princessa De La Calle

Nathali's collection extends the life cycle of an evening dress by transforming it into streetwear garments by deconstruction, redesigning and draping.

Jonas Hedstrom- Collection titled 'Dress'

The collection is an investigation in a one piece garment for menswear using block patterns from archetypical formal and sportswear as base. Through the techniques of draping and pattern making the male one piece 'dress' is presented.

Florian Meier - Collection titled ' Beau Platt'

This work traces the visual potential of 2dimensional space in 3D garments and questions aesthetic standards of menswear. The aim is to discuss visual consensus of flat and spatial construction.

Joel Prehn Andersson - Collection titled ' Gathered Volume'

This work investigates the relationship between volume, form and material exploring volume as a construction technique by gathering sportswear material.

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3 November 2017

Liberty London launch boxer shorts in partnership with Movember

Liberty London has launched its first range of boxer shorts, lending a sense of sophistication to the everyday staples.

 The Liberty London boxer shorts comes in four of the brand’s celebrated prints, and are designed for the modern man with a slim line cut and considered aesthetic.
Lee Manor print in magenta

 The retailer’s unique heritage is very present both in the prints and the fabric the underwear is made from. Over 100 years of expertise and dedication to the creation of Tana Lawn cotton fabric, which is exclusive to Liberty London.
Hawthorn print in green

 The cotton was first introduce in the 1920s when it was discovered that the silk-like threads could be spun into lustrous fabric and screen printed with brilliant colour and definition. Tana Lawn affords all the best quality traditionally associated with silk and cotton it is cool soft to the touch.
Lodden print in navy

The boxers come in six striking archive Liberty London prints, Imran, Lodden Navy, Juno Green, Elegance, Lee Manor and Josephine.
Elegance Print in burgundy

To celebrate the launch Liberty London is joining forces with men’s health campaign Movember. The retailer will donate ten percent of the profit from the Liberty London Boxers for the month of November.
Imran print

 Packaging will contain Movember’s ‘Know thy Nuts and Get To Know What’s Normal’ postcards that offer men advice on checking themselves for the signs of testicular cancer.
Juno print in light blue

 The Liberty London boxer shorts will be packaged in boxes that carry the very familiar Movember Moustache and customers will have the opportunity to donate to the campaign at till points on the menswear floor.
 Liberty London Boxers retail at £35 and go from small to extra-large.

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