25 February 2015

Wingman's new SkinFuel Grooming Range‏

Wingman's new SkinFuel range, is 5 products strong and contains Energy Moisturiser, Face Wash (both available for sensitive skin) and Face Scrub. The compact sizes make them perfect for men on the move and are packed full of essential vitamins and Ginseng that works to re-fuel tired and dull looking skin.The range is anti-ageing and contains no parabens.

The range has been developed in a three step system (1) scrub, 2) wash and 3) moisturise), designed to be simple yet effective.
Step One - Face Scrub
It's not just the ladies who should exfoliate, men too. Removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. Use once or twice a week. Apply on wet face and apply using GENTLE circular motions.  It may be called a face scrub but there is no need to be harsh and 'scrub' the face - the ingredients will do that for you.
Half Price introductory of £2.23 from Superdrug http://www.superdrug.com/Better-Than-Half-Price-Offers/Wingman-SkinFuel-Face-Scrub-150ml/p/383200
Step Two -Face Wash
A foaming cleansing gel. Wet the face and apply a small amount with circular motions. Rinse off.
There are two face washes to choose from: Energising and Sensitive.
Energising; Includes Ginseng Root Extract. Especially great in the mornings for that refreshing wake up feeling
Sensitive: Includes Aloe Vera to sooth sensitive skin. Great to use after the face scrub even if you don't suffer for sensitive skin,
Both are on Half price introductory offer of £1.98 from Superdrug
Energising http://www.superdrug.com/Better-Than-Half-Price-Offers/Wingman-SkinFuel-Face-Wash-150ml/p/383202
Sensitive: http://www.superdrug.com/Better-Than-Half-Price-Offers/Wingman-SkinFuel-Sensitive-Face-Wash-150ml/p/383300#.VO2xhPmsW3w

Step Three - Mosturiser
There are two moisturisers to choose from. The Energising and the Sensitive. Apply after cleansing
Energising: Includes Ginseng root extract for a refreshing feeling. Great for the morning,
Sensitive: A Milder moisturiser for sensitive skin. Includes Aloe Vera for a soothing effect. Even if you don't have sensitive skin, this is good to use after the face scrub when your skin may be a little sensitive with exfoliation.
Both on Half price introductory offer sof £2.98 from Superdrug:
Energising: http://www.superdrug.com/Better-Than-Half-Price-Offers/Wingman-SkinFuel-Hydrating-Face-Moisturiser-100ml/p/383203#.VO2u__msW3w

Wingman is also supporting Help For Heroes with 5p from every sale of Skin Fuel going and 3-in-2 shower gel going to the charity.

See the full range at Superdrug:

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