11 February 2015


Resounding a clear siren for tolerance, equality and unconditional love, Diesel launches its SS2015 advertising campaign.

This is Diesel’s new year’s resolution. It’s rising above, it’s tolerance, inclusiveness, LOVE in the largest most unconditional sense possible. As Nicola Formichetti explains, “It’s elevating yourself. Elevating your spirit. Whatever it takes, however you do it. Wherever you are.” Conceived by creative director Nicola Formichetti and styled by Anna Trevelyan, the campaign will run with the hashtag #DieselHigh because of its provocative and optimistic implications—urging to live life in the moment and to enjoy the ride.

As Nicola says, “There are so many crazy things happening now that you don’t see people just having fun any more. The challenge was to work with an avant-garde photographer, Nick Knight, and get him to do something he’s rarely done – which is shoot people smiling. It feels spontaneous, like they are selfies and he’s just the one snapping the photo.”

The DNA of Diesel and the reignition that began with #DieselReboot evolves into #DieselHigh. #DieselReboot was about individuals celebrating their unique point of view and celebrating their creativity. From there, we moved on to the new communities in #WeAreConnected and now, we are creating a powerful, positive new energy for the world with #DieselHigh.

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