29 April 2017

Jack Jefferson's Top 3 Skin-Boosting Workout Tips

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22 April 2017

Male Hair Loss Treatments by Consultant Trichologist, Sally-Ann Tarver

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18 April 2017

Beast your Beard Care Routine with The Great British Grooming Co.

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Ones to Watch - Orange Culture AW17

Orange Culture presents its AW17 Collection - Pretty

For this collection, Adebayo Oke Lawai, the creative director chose to infer on garments the religion of romance. A sense of romance that can only be given to one's self by one's self.

A story of 'coming of age' teenage boys - the full spectrum of what it means to be young, which encompasses the carelessness of love, the angst of failure and also the delicateness of hurt.

The collection begins with the starting moment a teenage boy realises that hurt is part of the journey too.

'As a Nigerian boy, you are not allowed the freedom to own your own pain, to hurt, even if it is staring you right in the face. it is a deeply rooted patriarchal system that invalidates pain as an essence to maelness. You are required to be a man before you are old enough to realise that being a man is overrated' - Oke Lawai tells.

But there is also a progression into recovery, into a subtle knowledge of self bravery and self love, and these teenage boys being able to find themselves despite some of the worst pains of abuse.

The collection, as it is titled Pretty, shows there is no anger to it, no form of rebellion or self pity, no persisting shadow of victimisation, in some sense it is a collection of rebirths - the moment after, the sense of journey along, despite it all, and the idea of being broken to be beautiful.

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16 April 2017

Atelier Bloem - A new Bespoke Collection of Unisex Fragrances

Atelier Bloem is a bespoke collection of unisex fragrances inspired by Amsterdam's famous Bloemenmarkt which is also the world's only floating flower market.
The collection encapsulates Andrew Goetz's, the founder of Atelier Bloem, passion for gardening and flowers with his two favourite places in the world - Amsterdam and the Hudson Valley near New York.

With six fragrances to choose from here are our top 3 favourites:
William - a complex and refreshing scent distilled with bitter orange including wood, fruit, blossoms and leaves. Cheekily named after the Dutch Prince William of Orange.
Top notes: Beroli Petals, nectarine and lavendar
Heart: Orange Flower, Freesia, Sambac Jasmine and Blond Wood.
Drydown: amber, Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood.

1614 - named after the year when Goetz' hamlet in the Hudson Valley was originally discovered and inspired by the surrounding clover fields.
Top notes: Black Pepper, Bergamot and Neroli from Tunisia
Heart: Sambac Jasmine, Sweet Clover, Rose Water and Orange Blossom.
Drydown: Teakwood, Sandalwood and Musk

Half Moon - named after Henry Hudson's ship Halve Maen which he sailed in search or a quicker route to China but instead found the Hudson river.
Top notes: Bergamot and Peach
Heart: White Jasmine, Honeysuckle Blossom and Fresh Greens
Drydown: Amber, Musks and Amberwood

In the UK these fragrances are  available exclusively in Liberty's for £160 (100ml - eau de parfum)

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14 April 2017


Get ready for stylish beach summers as 209 Mare design a ‘one of a kind’ beach blazer.
As a solution to eradicate the need for an awkwardly draped towel over the shoulders post-swim, the beach blazer offers a stylish and practical garment.
 In addition to the beach blazer, matching shorts complete the look.

 Created by brothers, Federico and Gabriel Uribe Weil and established in Monaco in 2016. Federico Uribe Weil, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of 209 Mare says: ‘The new garments are elevating men’s beachwear to a whole new level, commanding unparalleled attention at today’s exclusive summer destinations, making the beach blazer and shorts staple pieces for the refined gentleman.’

209 Mare’s beach wear collection launched with four beach blazer styles and eight short styles to choose from.
The blazers are limited in production to allow for exclusivity. A number of blazers have already been reserved as preorders for loyal customers, so that they can experience the 209 blazer prior to the official launch in May 2017.
All 209 Beach Blazers are £820 and have contrasting piping detail and mother of pearl buttons. Colour combinations include the ‘True Blue Blazer’ with purple lapels, white piping and grey mother of pearl buttons, and also the ‘Cafe au Lait blazer’ with blue velvet collar, blue piping and beige mother of pearl buttons.

The swim shorts have been designed to perfectly match any 209 Blazer, regardless of the combination. Subtle details include the Art Deco designed decedent label on the back, the elegant cord ends and piping added to the pockets
 Inspiration for this detailing came from the smooth and thin lines that were so ubiquitous in the Art Deco era.
 All 209 Swim Shorts are £185, available in vibrant colour elements, such as; ‘Royal Burgundy’ nylon shorts, white piping, beige mother of pearl button and 209 ‘Signature Pattern’ nylon shorts, blue piping, grey mother of pearl button.
 All incorporate 209’s Art deco chrome detailing (eyelets and cord ends) and blue soft mesh interiors.

 The 209 Mare Beach Blazer and Swim Shorts will be available from May 2017, with limited numbers in production.

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10 April 2017

Manuka Life's Men’s Collection for SS17

Manuka Life are one of the UK’s most successful yoga and leisurewear brands, renowned for their elegant, smooth silhouettes and luxurious fabrics that blend comfort and style. Their Men’s Collection for SS17 includes a variety of tanks, tees, tops, shorts and pants with prices starting from £38

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Top 5 Skincare Tips for Men from STOER

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8 April 2017

New Skincare for Men- STOER

There's a new skincare for men in town, STOER.

STOER  is named after the rocky Scottish peninsula of Stoer where weather conditions change in an instant from a bright breezy day to dark tempestuous storms, and can play havoc to the condition of your skin.
However STOER is not just for the wild Scottish highlands but also can help protect the skin from stressful city living caused by pollution plus irritation caused by shaving.
The superhero ingredients of STOER called Clima 5 have been globally sourced from 4 continents with four very different climates:
Peat Moss - helps keep skin hydrated, plump and even in tone. Inspired by STOER's wild and windy Scottish homeland. 
Barberry Fig - helps sooth, firm, hydrate and combat stressed skin. From cacti found in the arid Mexican desert.
Wakame - helps support collagen production and guard against the skin ravaging effects of pollution. Extracted from Japanese seaweed.
Alpine Stem Cells - helps improve skin's overall elasticity and encourages dermal renewal. Extracted from plants which grow on inhospitable mountainsides.
Baobab leaf Extract - helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. From West Africa.

Available in Harvey Nichols, London and also online:
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1 April 2017

House of MEA presents Nivedita Saboo AW17 Mens Collection

This London Fashion Week season House of MEA presented menswear designer Nivedita Saboo at Fashion Scout London.

Nivedita Saboo draws her inspiration from the entwining nuance of life itself, paring design and detail together to create true perfection.

She is a connoisseur of beautifully textured fabrics, innovative methods and executions.

Colour palette feature shades of greys and blues

with flashes of orange

 Always valuing the indigenous Indian techniques and supporting Indian arts throughout her designs, portraying luxury, history and elegance.

 Nivedita’s designs and creations have taken her internationally, showcasing at showrooms at Paris fashion week Rue de Rivoli, and Hong Kong.

Her work was also showcased at the coveted red carpet of Cannes, she received a spectacular reception to her collection at the Asia model festival.

Nivedita has also recently been the fashion director to award winning Mr World 2016

House of Middle East & Asia (House of MEA) returns to London Fashion Week at Fashion Scout to present their Autumn Winter 2017 collections.
 This collaborative show is an initiative of FAD International Academy, India's leading and Dubai's emerging Fashion School with a global footprint.
 House of MEA was born as a result of a student project and supported by FAD International to bring it to life through Fashion Scout.
House of MEA is the only platform to promote & incubate emerging and established talent from across the Middle East & Asia at global fashion capitals. Going further, the vision is to incubate and support designers under the mentorship of leading designers & retail houses in Europe to promote Middle Eastern & Asian talent in Europe.
 The role of FAD International, as a leading Luxury, Fashion & Style School in India and an emerging institution in Dubai, is to be at the forefront of giving emerging talent the platform to engage with the international industry.
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Fashion DNA Pakistan presents Munib Nawaz AW17 Collection

Munib Nawaz is a critically acclaimed fashion designer, innovator and creative.

 Specialising in men’ s formal wear he is well known both as a creative and TV personality, and dresses some of the most stylish and modern men in Pakistan.

 Titled Sci -Piritual, the idea behind A/W 2017 was to infuse science into design.

Key to the collection is the fabrications and processes such as the handmade slub cotton tailored into a bomber jacket.

 Stand out pieces include the paisley patterned three piece suit.

About Fashion DNA: Pakistan
Fashion DNA: Pakistan is the British Council’ s annual programme providing mentorship for emerging Pakistani fashion labels to develop the skills needed to work internationally. This year through a partnership with the Ethical Fashion Forum and SOURCE Consultancy, the programme focused on educating designers about sustainable and ethical approaches to fashion.
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Angus Chiang AW17 Mens Collection

Inspired by the 90s, celebrity student, Jerry Lo and Pop culture.

Influenced by the 90s electronic music style and hip hop culture, Jerry Lo (also known as DJ Jerry) who was a celebrity student at that time brought American Pop culture to Taiwan by dressing boldly and innovatively.

Chiang’s AW17 has a distinctive ‘School Days’ style emulated fans of DJ Jerry altering their school uniforms to add pop culture elements to their dress style..

Heart shaped symbols abound 

Blessings, messages and jokes that students write on each other’s year book are woven on to wool.

Assignment books that Taiwan schools use for homework and school supplies are used as accessories.

Use of denim and plain weave expresses the student’s trend to alter their uniforms

Colours include fluorescent pink and sunny yellow.

Headpiece made from faux fur to create that dynamic and unique student hairstyle look inherited from Jerry Lo’s style.

Shoes are inspired from the student’s favourite canvas style. Using coloured soles from the unique brand MIKI combined with canvas and metallic leather

Photographer: Simon Armstrong. 
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