14 April 2017


Get ready for stylish beach summers as 209 Mare design a ‘one of a kind’ beach blazer.
As a solution to eradicate the need for an awkwardly draped towel over the shoulders post-swim, the beach blazer offers a stylish and practical garment.
 In addition to the beach blazer, matching shorts complete the look.

 Created by brothers, Federico and Gabriel Uribe Weil and established in Monaco in 2016. Federico Uribe Weil, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of 209 Mare says: ‘The new garments are elevating men’s beachwear to a whole new level, commanding unparalleled attention at today’s exclusive summer destinations, making the beach blazer and shorts staple pieces for the refined gentleman.’

209 Mare’s beach wear collection launched with four beach blazer styles and eight short styles to choose from.
The blazers are limited in production to allow for exclusivity. A number of blazers have already been reserved as preorders for loyal customers, so that they can experience the 209 blazer prior to the official launch in May 2017.
All 209 Beach Blazers are £820 and have contrasting piping detail and mother of pearl buttons. Colour combinations include the ‘True Blue Blazer’ with purple lapels, white piping and grey mother of pearl buttons, and also the ‘Cafe au Lait blazer’ with blue velvet collar, blue piping and beige mother of pearl buttons.

The swim shorts have been designed to perfectly match any 209 Blazer, regardless of the combination. Subtle details include the Art Deco designed decedent label on the back, the elegant cord ends and piping added to the pockets
 Inspiration for this detailing came from the smooth and thin lines that were so ubiquitous in the Art Deco era.
 All 209 Swim Shorts are £185, available in vibrant colour elements, such as; ‘Royal Burgundy’ nylon shorts, white piping, beige mother of pearl button and 209 ‘Signature Pattern’ nylon shorts, blue piping, grey mother of pearl button.
 All incorporate 209’s Art deco chrome detailing (eyelets and cord ends) and blue soft mesh interiors.

 The 209 Mare Beach Blazer and Swim Shorts will be available from May 2017, with limited numbers in production.

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