4 October 2011

GEOX and Patrick Cox design Golden Brogues for Elton John

GEOX the premier Italian footwear brand famous and British shoe designer Patrick Cox have created the eye catching footwear that Elton John will wear during his new show The Million Dollar Piano, which has just opened at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

It’s a traditional English brogue but with a showbiz twist of metallic leather in all colours of the rainbow. And if all the champagne popping makes the floor a little wet, Elton's shoes will be protected as they are made in GEOX innovative leather patent, which makes leather soles champagne and waterproof.

Mr Mario Moretti Polegato, Chairman of GEOX comments "I am happy to collaborate with such a great artist as Elton John, whose music I have always loved, and I see fashion and innovation coming together on a stage that will attract global attention."

The Million Dollar Piano Tour opened at Caesar’s Palace on 28th  September 2011 and is named after the unique Yamaha piano that Elton John and Yamaha created especially for the show.

Images provide by Chase PR

GEOX is the premier Italian footwear brand known for its invention of the “shoe that breathes". GEOX created a cult-like following in more than 100 countries with its breathable technology and stylish Italian design offering fashionable collections for women's, men's and children. Headquartered in Italy, GEOX is available in more than 1000 monobrand stores and 10.000 independent stores worldwide. GEOX is a publicly traded company since 2004.  

ABOUT GEOX TECHNOLOGY  GEOX boasts an exclusive technology that is used in the manufacturing and designing of all the footwear that bares its name.  At the heart of this invention is a microporous membrane that acts like a second skin. When placed inside the GEOX perforated rubber sole, the membrane manages sweat and heat, allows humidity to be evaporated and keeps water out and feet dry. Each pore of this membrane is smaller than a water droplet so that water can’t penetrate the membrane but big enough to let sweat vapour, a molecule 700 times smaller than a drop of water, to easily pass through the membrane and right out through the holes of the sole.  Both waterproof and breathable, GEOX’s revolutionary technology provides comfort and wellbeing by constantly eliminating moisture and preventing odours that typically develop when shoes don’t ventilate, recreating an ideal microclimate inside the shoe to keep feet cool and dry in the summer and warm and dry in the winter

PATRICK COX the Canadian born British designer is best known for his cutting edge shoes for men and women.  He studied footwear design in London England and upon leaving Cordwainers college in 1983 he collaborated on shoe collections with iconic fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano.  Cox launched his own Patrick Cox label in 1986 and the Wannabe label in 1994. Patrick Cox has been called the “Ferragamo” of the MTV generation and with his cool shoes he made everyone aware that shoe designers existed - before anyone had even heard of Sex in the City.  Stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and David Beckham have all stepped out in Patrick’s shoes.  Cox was twice awarded the British Accessories Designer of the Year Award (1994 and 1995) and the Fashion Medal of Honor by the Footwear Association of New York in 1996.  His shoes can be found in the museum collections worldwide.
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