24 October 2011

MUKS presents its First Mens Mukluk Boots for AW11

Picture the Canadian aboriginal hunter moving quickly and stealthily in the harsh snowy conditions.  He needs sturdy boots to keep him balanced and the cold out but also they need to be soft so his movement is not restricted. That’s where mukluks come in. 

Ankle boot in black suede with turn down black rabbit fur trim. Sheepskin and rabbit fur lining with crepe sole.

Originally made from sealskin and so called after the Yupik (native language of Siberia and Alaska) word ‘muklak’ meaning large seal, the animal skin wraps round the feet and calves of the hunter providing protection against the cold elements.  Now moose hide and reindeer skin is also used. To keep those biting winds at bay, the boots were insulated with animal furs for warmth.

In recent years, Mukluks have taken the fashion world by storm and are loved by celebrities for their style and comfort. They are unisex but the beading and furry pompoms may be a bit too much for most men (although the Canadian hunters were partial to a bit of adornment), MUKS, the footwear brand just specialising in mukluks, realised this and presents its first ever menswear collection:

Highlight of the collection is the tall suede boot with double buckle straps. Here seen in brown suede with brown rabbit fur and sheepskin lining and crepe sole.
Also available in charcoal grey and black.

 The Men’s Muks features the Classic Original and Half Mukluks with either an extra durable water resistant natural rubber sole or the classic crepe sole. The crepe soles are more suitable for dry winter climates.

The ankle boots also come in charcoal grey and brown

Available soon on www.muklukstore.com

Images provided by Dee Vesali PR
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