25 October 2011

Energie Unveil a Super Lux Denim Collection for Autumn/Winter 2011

Famed for their denim, Energie focuses on quality materials, advance treatments and production techniques. So it’s no surprise that this season that they have created a Super Lux range of denim :

The range is a premium line of luxury denim including a limited selection of their original best selling jeans and chinos styles made from the best quality Japanese denim, Italian Selvedge denim, Red Selvedge Bull denim and compact yarn gaberdine. 

Selvedge or Selvage denim is the best quality denim because it is made on old style shuttle looms.On these old style looms the cross thread goes back and forth as one continuous thread rather than as individual threads
And Japanese selvage denim is the finest because they bought up most of the old style American shuttle looms.. Plus they also introduced jeans made of selvage denim dyed with real indigo using loop dying machines  which again are old style machines
Jeans made of selvage denim just get better with age and wear.

 New Morris Selvedge trousers - £177
Worn effect, dark wash, button closure, cuffed hems
Width at end 7.4inches

Legend Selvedge trousers - £177
Worn effect, dark wash , mid rise, slash detailing. 
Width at end 8.2inches

Burney Vintage trousers. - £202
Stained effect, worn effect and dark wash. Width at end 8.2 inches

Available online at www.energie.it

Images provided by Chase PR

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