9 October 2011

Get in Touch with your Feminine Side with Astrid Andersen's Spring/Summer 2012 collectiontion

This collection is for guys who are manly enough to show they are in touch with their feminine side. It's street clothing in silk and trimmed in  lace.
Pink lace trims silver grey silk shorts and jersey top.
Cut out lace panel of pink lace on a silver silk top shows a manly chest , whilst the short silk patterned shorts have a lace underlay reaching to the knees - who needs tattoos?
 There's a top completely of lace in pale lemon or if you want more of a cover up go for the shocking pink and purple baseball jacket with shocking pink jogging pants. The tee has the letters AA for Astrid Andersen (of course).
And if you're feeling romantic, there is the baseball jacket and joggers with  a pink/purple sunset on a palm fringed beach scene.


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