7 October 2011

Tattoo Your Oliver Sweeney Shoes

Yes Oliver Sweeney have set up a tattoo parlour in Selfirdges. No it's not body tattoos but shoe tattoos.
This opens up all possibilities:
If you've run out of skin for any more  body tattoos you can start on your shoes
If you don't actually fancy a skin tattoo then a pain free shoe tattoo is ideal!
The tattoo is free with every Oliver Sweeney shoe purchase. They have a data base of tattoo designs but special requests can be made.
Which designs are the most popular? It is initials and dates
The above went for a date but also a love heart and a few cute animals - all on a pair of formal italian shoes!!

Alas the tattoo parlour is a pop up store and is only running until 16ht October.
So get down there as soon as you can.
Selfridges, Mens shoe department, floor 1
Images provided by Oliver Sweeney

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