8 April 2017

New Skincare for Men- STOER

There's a new skincare for men in town, STOER.

STOER  is named after the rocky Scottish peninsula of Stoer where weather conditions change in an instant from a bright breezy day to dark tempestuous storms, and can play havoc to the condition of your skin.
However STOER is not just for the wild Scottish highlands but also can help protect the skin from stressful city living caused by pollution plus irritation caused by shaving.
The superhero ingredients of STOER called Clima 5 have been globally sourced from 4 continents with four very different climates:
Peat Moss - helps keep skin hydrated, plump and even in tone. Inspired by STOER's wild and windy Scottish homeland. 
Barberry Fig - helps sooth, firm, hydrate and combat stressed skin. From cacti found in the arid Mexican desert.
Wakame - helps support collagen production and guard against the skin ravaging effects of pollution. Extracted from Japanese seaweed.
Alpine Stem Cells - helps improve skin's overall elasticity and encourages dermal renewal. Extracted from plants which grow on inhospitable mountainsides.
Baobab leaf Extract - helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. From West Africa.

Available in Harvey Nichols, London and also online:
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