1 April 2017

Angus Chiang AW17 Mens Collection

Inspired by the 90s, celebrity student, Jerry Lo and Pop culture.

Influenced by the 90s electronic music style and hip hop culture, Jerry Lo (also known as DJ Jerry) who was a celebrity student at that time brought American Pop culture to Taiwan by dressing boldly and innovatively.

Chiang’s AW17 has a distinctive ‘School Days’ style emulated fans of DJ Jerry altering their school uniforms to add pop culture elements to their dress style..

Heart shaped symbols abound 

Blessings, messages and jokes that students write on each other’s year book are woven on to wool.

Assignment books that Taiwan schools use for homework and school supplies are used as accessories.

Use of denim and plain weave expresses the student’s trend to alter their uniforms

Colours include fluorescent pink and sunny yellow.

Headpiece made from faux fur to create that dynamic and unique student hairstyle look inherited from Jerry Lo’s style.

Shoes are inspired from the student’s favourite canvas style. Using coloured soles from the unique brand MIKI combined with canvas and metallic leather

Photographer: Simon Armstrong. 
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