17 August 2012

55DSL AW12 collection - Sneak Peek

Soon to be available from the Italian streetwear label 55DSL - AW12 collection
Grey sweat with burgundy hood and T-View tee

Brown sweat with orange hood and Hula tee

Hula tee £35 available now from ASOS Fabric: 100% cotton Colour: beige

Kemstry knitwear

Already available from Diesel
Kemistry knitwear £80 Lightwieght 80% cotton, 10% nylon 10% wool in frog green and tobacco brown.
T-View, Cyclist, T-Mosaic & T-Coffee tees
Grey  Cyclist tee £35 100% cotton - already available from ASOS
White T-Mosaic tee £40 100% cotton - already available via Diesel

Stenperl, Sinofors & Stenderd-BD shirts
 Already availble through Diesel

Brown/black check Stenperl shirt £85 100% cotton
Tobacco brown check Sinofords shirt £80 100% cotton flannel (also available from ASOS)
White Stendard-BD shirt with emblem pattern £95 100% cotton

Stenperl & Scrich shirt
 Black/grey check Stenperl shirt £85 100% cotton - available through Diesel
Two, T-Orino, T-Vegetable & ThedolceVita tees

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  1. do you know when or where the thennesy polo shirts are going to be avaiable? where do you have the photo from? because i couldn't find it ANYWHERE on the internet except on this page! heeeeeelp

    1. Hi Martin
      They should be available now but like you I can't find them online. Have you tried an actual Diesel store? Or send the online store an email - details under contact us.
      I received the image from their PR company and will email them to see if they can find out where they are available as well and get back to you.
      I've also tweeted Diesel so hopefully one of them will get back to us.

    2. Hi Martin
      Here's an update.
      The PR company say that the Thennesy polo didn't go into production in the end which is a shame as it is a really great design! They asked whether you wanted them to flag up an alternative style?
      I tweeted Diesel and they said it wasn't available and gave me an email address to enquire for more details. I've emailed the guy and am waiting to see if he confirms that the shirt didn't go into production.
      If this is the case then I shall remaove the image.
      Speak later!

    3. martin martin horvatić7 February 2013 at 00:26

      sorry for not reacting for so long but i don't have blogspot, i didn't see your answer until NOW (7 feb 2013) but i googled the name and came back to this page an read your answers! thank you! look what i stumbled across: http://tienda.pilatos.com/linea/hombre/prenda+superior/camisetas/thennesy/923604