7 August 2012

Murdock's new Body & Skin Care Available from the Shop at Bluebird

When Murdock London opened their first barbers store in Shoreditch in 2006, they brought the ‘old fashioned ‘male grooming experience back to the fore front and provided the man about town an alternative to the unisex hairdressing salons.  Here he could experience the luxury of a traditional wet shave plus the modern pampering facilities of facials and hairstyling.  The decor is masculine and reminiscent of the ‘Good Old Days’ when barber shops were thriving and making a ‘killing’ (especially Sweeney Todd). 

Murdock press day at The Shop at Blubird

Now Murdock have gone one step further and have launched their first body and skincare range this summer.  Like the concept of the Murdock stores, these products aim to bring a little masculine touch in to the world of pampering.

The simple packaging has quirky old fashioned sketches of quintessentially British sporting activities such as rowing and fencing, plus the sartorial British bowler hat and pocket watch.  This old style of ‘Britishness’ is continued in the inspiration for the range as the  ingredients used include English garden herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary. Plus quince, a fruit which was very popular in the Victorian times.

The range shows an easy grooming routine:
Cleansing Facial Wash -for every day.  Includes extracts of basil, mint, rosemary, thyme and wheat.  £24
Exfoliating Facial Scrub - once or twice a week to deep cleanse the pores. £24
Anti Aging Eye Serum – with concentrated cucumber distillate to hydrate and soothe the eye area. £36
Daily Facial Moisturiser - extracts of horsetail, pine, and rosemary £26
Lip balm – a fruit cocktail of extracts of apricot, avocado, cranberry and peppermint £8
Hand & Body Wash – basil, honey, peppermint and thyme £18
Moisturising Hand Cream – shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia nut and sweet almond. Scent rosemary. £24

it is quite daunting for a guy to enter in to the female orientated beauty section of a department store looking for facial washes and moisturisers especially if he hasn’t used them before.  So to be able to wander in to a male orientated environment and ask for advice on skincare products must be a less challenging experience. 

Available from the Murdock London stores and the Shop at Bluebird Kings Rd - An ever evolving concept store which is Cheslsea's secret treasure
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