2 March 2015

Turnbull & Asser 130 year Celebration and Gloucester Factory expansion

2015 marks Turnbull & Asser’s 130th anniversary as the world renowned authority in gentleman’s dressing and as leading shirt and tie makers.

 Looking to the future the brand announces the expansion of their Gloucester work rooms. Situated in Quedgeley, Gloucester, founded in 2003, will extend its production capabilities to approximately 70,000 shirts per year to meet the rise in global demand for the brands esteemed made in England bespoke and ready-to-wear shirts.

The number of people employed in the work rooms will increase to 101; in addition, new machinery has been added to enable a new manufacturing ‘line’ to be created within the facility that extends over two buildings to approximately 1,300 square metres in total.

In honour of the 130th anniversary, Turnbull & Asser has created a series of films which will be housed on a microsite to illustrate key products that are synonymous with the brand and which remain, proudly made in England. The films take you on a discovery, looking closely into the past and present developments of iconic Turnbull & Asser products; the shirt, the tie, the gown, the suit and the pocket square - narrated by those who have played an integral part in the 130 year journey.
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