6 March 2015

Braun launches #BeardLookBook‏

2015 looks set to be a big year for the beard and to celebrate, male grooming brand Braun and its style scouts have compiled an extensive #BeardLookBook on Pinterest featuring the hottest and most authentic facial hair from across the globe.

A well-groomed beard can highlight your best features and hide your worst. Indeed, choosing the right beard style is as important for your appearance and style identity as the clothes you wear.

Braun’s Styling Ambassador, Fabio Vivan, says

“No matter what’s trending this year, go for something that really represents YOU.”

Similar to choosing a haircut, a beard has to complement the shape of your face and factors like the thickness and texture of your facial hair all come in to play. Thankfully Braun and Mohawk Matt, Founder & Chief Barber at Bolt Barbers, have some tips on how to choose the look that will suit you best.

Oblong Face:
Styles like “Mutton Chops”, “A La Suvorov”, “Dali”, or even “Friendly Mutton Chops” work to balance your oblong-ness into an attractive and attracting attraction.

Rectangle Face
 We highly recommend the “Chin Curtain”, “Short But Boxed beard”, “Ducktail”, or “The French Fork” for dudes cursed with right angles.

 Round Face: 
Focus your facial frontier on your chin, with styles like “Chin Puff”, “Sir Walter Raleigh”, “Balboa”, “Sparrow”, “Goatee”, “The Zappa”, or “Soul Patch”

Oval Face: 
This is the best face shape to have, because it can literally host ANY beard style. Take your pick. Change it up often. Try the “Long John” or the #lumbersexual look.

Square Face:
Try “Petit Goatee”, “Anchor”, or even the “Hollywoodian”. Avoid full beards.

Diamond Face 
Anything from “Rap Industry Standard” to “Chin Curtain” to “Anchor” will work as will extended 'stache styles like “Fu Manchu” “The Winnfield.”

 Inverted Triangle:
 “Mutton Chops”, a “Fu Manchu”, or even “Franz-Josef” would be a totally engaging look and a real head turner.

Triangle Face 
A “Goatee”, “”Anchor”, or even “”Sir Walter Raleigh” is perfect to grace your isosceles triangle.
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