27 March 2015


A new cinematic short film is set to get pulses racing with the release of ‘Foreplay Meets Swordplay’ – a cheeky video of a sword fight between a man and a woman that follows their moves as they slice their way through a stunning backdrop.

 Launched by Wilkinson Sword, the video plays on the brand’s heritage of sword making that stems back over 200 years and the precision of the razor blades it makes today.

Showcasing a playful sword fight, the couple lunge and attack with their swords to ultimately free each other’s skin as pieces of their clothing slowly get sliced away to reveal their bodies. Filmed in a historic hotel in the heart of Brussels, the set features a giant chandelier and winding staircase as the couple are seen playfully running after each other in an intricate duel.

The video aims to highlight the craftsmanship in sword and blade production, which has been part of Wilkinson Sword’s history since 1772 when they began manufacturing swords for the British Army.

Lucy Oxley, Regional Senior Product Manager of Energizer Wilkinson Sword said: “Precision and craftsmanship has been part of Wilkinson Sword’s DNA since its inception. This video has been created to showcase our innovative and fresh approach to grooming in a memorable and creative way to inspire both women and men to ‘free their skin’ using our razors.’’
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