13 December 2010

Black Tie Event - Cummerbund or Waistcoat?

You don’t have to wear either, however bear in mind your shirt. Waistcoats and cummerbunds are a great way to hide where the dress studs finish and the ordinary buttons start.

Moss Bros/PR Shots
Originally a white pique waistcoat from the formal white tie attire was worn but later this changed to the black vest. They either have their own lapels or if not are in the same fabric as the jacket’s lapels. Waistcoats are great to keep the slim line look if you happen to unbutton your jacket. This is due to the continuation of the same colour from trouser to waistcoat.
Cummerbunds (from the Hindu word kamarband) were originally sashes worn in India and brought back by the British. The sash should be worn with the folds pointing upwards –originally so that men had somewhere to keep their opera or theatre tickets handy. Cummerbunds can accentuate a portly stomach, but can give the skinny guy much needed inches.
Whichever you choose - go for black. Keep the colours for less formal events.
However if you decide to go for colour then only choose the dark shades such as navy or burgundy.

And  always keep your bow tie in black - never match to a coloured cummerbund or waistcoat
Pocket square
Don’t forget your pocket square; this is your finishing touch. Traditionally white linen, but white silk is now more popular.

Full article can be seen in Eclipse Magazine: 

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