29 November 2010

Shirt & Tie - The Romantic Look

Get in touch with your feminine side with floral and paisley patterns. These have become very  popular in shirts and ties , and give the wearer a softer more romantic look.
Matalan floral shirt from PR Shots
 If you are unsure of this look then Matalan have a white and purple floral shirt at only £16 (at time of print), so if you decide florals are not for you then losing that shirt off your back won’t be a big financial loss. 
And if you find saying it with flowers works for you then go for.......
Eton Hostage of Love shirt

.......this Eton floral print with purple collar shirt from their ‘Hostage of Love’ collection. Very retro which is soooo on trend and going to be big for the summer. The good thing about floral shirts is they look complete even without a tie, but if you do need a tie then either play safe and match with a plain tie in the main colour of the shirt (in this case purple) or pick out an accent colour (pink). Or. ...
House of Fraser tie from PRShots
..... be more daring and romantic with another floral pattern. Again either pair with a purple floral tie or pick out the pink in the shirt. This pink tie has also tiny amounts of lilac to match the shirt.  
But if you're not ready for so much flower power just yet then go more subtle with ...
Ted Baker Pashion shirt from PR shots

Ted Baker ‘Booton’ navy floral jacquard pashion (a merging of passion and fashion) shirt. Uising one colour tones down the floral pattern. 
House of Fraser tie from PR Shots
Then bring it alive with a more flamboyant floral tie. 

If flowers are not your thing then go for paisley
Eton paisley shirt

House of Fraser tie from PR Shots
bring out the accent colours with this contrasting tie.

Simon Carter love bird shirt
If you're all 'loved up', team the tie with this Simon Carter's love bird shirt.

Eton checked shirt & paisely tie
But alas, if it's all too much just go with a paisley tie with a more masculine check, stripe or plain shirt.

And now you've got the romantic look, remember to act the part and be romantic.

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  1. Hi friends,

    I was searching the Internet and found your awesome blog. Really it's a great site about shirts and ties related, it looking so beautiful and stylish and it give you more romantic look. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you Paisley Tie - glad you like the blog