1 November 2010

Vertu -the leader in luxury mobile phones

They say “Accessorize, Accessorize” and they’re right because accessories maketh the outfit.
And one accessory that is essential to both man and woman is the mobile phone so why not splash out.

Vertu, the leader in luxury mobile phones, knows that it is important for a mobile to look stylish as well as being functional and have launched the new Ascent 2010 and their first smart phone, the Constellation Quest, which was only launched this October.

The new Ascent 2010 comes in 2 versions:
The cheaper (but still expensive at around 4,200 Euros) and lighter Aluminium model and the more expensive (around 5,900 Euros) Titanium model. Inspiration for the creation of both models was taken from the fast paced lifestyle of motor racing and aviation.
The overall look is sharp and tactile -hard edged and facetted metal styled like aeronautical louver shutters used to reduce drag and then trimmed with either vulcanised rubber or leather in red, orange or gunmetal grey.
The bespoke ring and alert tone is an all new soundtrack created by Unkle and specifically for the Ascent. The exclusive 7 minute track is called “A Darker Shade of Blue”

The Constellation Quest will also come in a choice of materials, the cheapest will combine leather and stainless steel whilst the totally extravagant version will use gold. The handset is designed with the user experience first and foremost in mind so the home screen is uncluttered, displaying only the essentials as chosen by the individual e.g. email notifications, calendar appointments and selected news feed. Vertu will work with you to configure the phone settings to suit your preferences including email accounts, information feeds and social networking facilities. The My key function is also configurable for instant access to four preferred applications. With support for multiple mailboxes this will ensure easy access to all required email accounts from the new handset.
All Ascent mobiles have a chronograph clock face with a stopwatch synonymous with motor racing and military aviation. The clock adjusts itself to its local time location but also always displays an origin location time so you can keep in touch with home.

Luxury services included with all Vertu mobiles are:
Vertu Select- a global service delivering the best in luxury online information, news, reviews, recommendations and exclusive downloads direct to the phone.
City Brief- travel information automatically adapted to the user location, including restaurant recommendations, current events and tips on local protocol.
Vertu Concierge – accessed via a dedicated key on the handset, this service assists, advises and books travel, entertainment, shopping, accommodation, restaurants and events.
Vertu Fortress – will back up all calendar and contact information and store to ultra secure servers at the touch of a button.

And with the new Constellation Quest there’s a few more:
Vertu.me – the new Vertu email account.
Vertu Remote Assist - 24hrs technical assistance where (with the users consent) a technician can resolve a technical or set up query by remote access .

This is definitely a high end luxury, but if you can afford it then why not?

Vertu on Amazon:
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