9 January 2019

Phoebe English AW19 at London Fashion Men's

This collection is founded on attempts at problem solving and being part of the solution. Reversing the process. Beginning with both the start and the end of a garments life.
Zero-waste pattern cutting and reclaimed production off cuts.The collection is a patchwork of many differing blacks from years of waste fabric accumulation.

 Heavy folded ruched bags are cut with zero waste pattern cutting.

Trousers are formed from a tonal patchwork of waste materials, all offered as limited editions.

GOTS certified organic cotton with plastic free buttons made from excess dairy industry milk proteins, Casein is the protein element naturally occurring in milk and is cured and hardened into sheets or rods from which blanks for button-making are taken. It was first developed in 1909 at a disused cloth mill in Stroud, Gloucestershire.Courtney & Co has become the first makers of casein buttons (registered name Codelite®) in the UK for around 45 years,
Kints in undyed Alpaca, grown , spun and knitted all on one organic farm.'.British Alpaca'  based in Somerset, UK. Alpaca produce a hollow fibre yarn with formidable thermal properties and a micron count between 15 and 29, it is warmer than wool and more durable than cashmere. Their yarn is available in a vast 22 natural undyed colours, meaning no harmful chemicals are used in the dying process. The fibre grown on these camelids is an environmentally sustainable solution for the textile industry.

 Loose fitting boxy trousers and oversized jackets slouch in traditionally woven welsh wool flannel.The Teifi Valley has been the centre of the Welsh woollen trade since the nineteenth century, where Melin Teifi still produces the finest traditional Welsh flannel using top-quality materials and local craftsmanship. Melin Teifi concentrates upon the production of flannel, tweed, blanket and usually for products like quilts, shawls, flannel shirts, smocks etc. Produced in a slow, more sustainable way in Wales, the distance in which the wool needs to travel is significantly smaller than other international wool mills.

Bright blue organic waxed cottons from Ireland punctuate this monochrome collection.

British made shoes by Trickers, tanned organically with leaf excess from the olive industry

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