9 January 2019

Danshan AW19 at London Fashion Week Men's

Delving into the practice of using non invasive practices to explore the modern masculine body, DANSHAN are exploring a tender yet strong man who they believe should and can flourish in our shared experience of the world.

For AW19 , the clothes in the collection are seen as emotional vibrations as they indulge in tender folds, unfurl into spasms.

 Satin drapes augment the physique while concealing and exaggerating a new form; the sensation of softer fabrics and non aligned stereotypes of hardness aim to make a space for men where mental and behavioural expression is often prohibited

 Satin arms signal a new way for men to reach out to touch one another without stagnant ideas of stigma perforating this simple and sensitive act.

 Excited by the notion of emotions being similar to that of ripples which flow into the future- these also create themselves into physical waves which stream into a new man’s consciousness,

DANSHAN have transplanted these soft movements into their latest designs. The desire for tenderness and fluidity rather than sterile coldness is an imperative element to their design process. They want you to feel. This is not a vision of the future as such but a pathway to a destiny that we hope can exist, imaging the beginnings of a world where all genders learn to allow thoughtful choices to be made with joy. Here is a new love for maleness, nothing progressive was achieved by force.

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