8 January 2019

Black Leopard Men's Skincare launches in the UK

This Australian men's skincare range is launching in the UK.
A skincare range designed by men for men - fuss free products and an easy to follow routine.
Launching with an initial range of their 6 hero products:

2 in 1 Shave Gel Cleanser
For days you shave, shave it off, and for days you don’t, just wash it off.
The exotic aroma of Australian Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and the silky smooth texture of Aloe combines to deliver a superior glide that creates a close shave and softer skin.
Shaving is a very harsh operation. It removes hair from the face whilst taking a few layers of skin, this shave gel is designed to both sooth and repair the damage caused by the razor.

Face Scrub
Tiny grains of black rice combine with specially selected essential oils in an easy-to-use face scrub that smooths and cleans skin.
The exfoliating process unclogs pores, keeps skin clean and helps reduce acne breakouts.
Use with or without stubble leaving your skin soft and glowing and ready for Black Leopard Moisturiser

Black Leopard’s Moisturiser is an essential choice for men on the go. Mens skin is thicker and less rich in water and is subjected to shaving/razor burn. This premium anti-aging men’s skincare product will nourish, strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin helping you look younger and your skin healthier.

Eye Cream
This anti-wrinkle cream developed using advanced anti-ageing technology specifically designed for use on men’s skin.
 Reducing puffiness and dark circles.
Increasing elasticity, locks in moisturiser and plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles.

Created with masculine scented essential oils for the man who wants to be good to his skin, have a sexy masculine aroma, and be fresh and ready for action.
Think less sweat and lasting fresh aroma.

Hair Styling Cream
Easy-to-use styling cream that works well for all hair types.
 Black Leopard Hair Styling Cream styles and nourishes hair without residue.
With an essential oil that soothes your scalp and aids in hair growth.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this article it is very useful since it is explaining the newly arrived products in the market. please do share some more Best Beauty and Hair care products for men. it would be helpful. Looking forward to it.