26 November 2010

Shirt & Tie - The Dramatic Look

For those days when you want to create an impact go for the Dramatic look.
Bright colour block shirts combined with equally bright contrasting colour block ties, or bold patterned shirt and tie combination will give high impact but you need to consider your own colouring and whether you can take such bold colours and patterns.
Eton striped shirt with circle tie
This Eton striped shirt with circle tie is a good choice for the dramatic look. If the colours are too bright and deep for you then go for a Paul Smith shirt in the label’s signature coloured stripes to create a more subdued dramatic alternative look.
Eton Circle Spot shirt

If you don't mind deep colours but prefer them more muted than bright, then check out Eton’s blue and tan circle spot shirt – just don't go to the races or they may mistake you for one of the jockeys.(obviously a very stylish one)

Gone are the days when you couldn’t wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt – experiment with some of the cheaper brands until you are confident for the more expensive ones.
Eton paisley shirt
The rule is when mixing shirt and tie patterns is to make sure they have one colour in common with each other. For different looks you can match the tie with the shirt’s dominant colour or for a more subtle look match with the least dominant colour. The above Eton paisley shirt could be matched with ...
Simon Carter Nouveau navy tie
Simon Carters nouveau navy tie, bringing out the more dominant blue colour ...
Simon Carter Medallion wine tie
.... or Simon Carters medallion wine tie, bringing out the brown in the shirt and the brown in the tie.

Eton striped shirt & tie

When using the same pattern, you can have contrasting colours, but the pattern should not be the same scale – usually the tie’s pattern is the larger or wider if a stripe.
Eton striped shirt with jazzy tie

And when you are super confident – then there are no rules!!

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  1. Such a casual and cool outfit! Beautiful pictures and background:)