2 May 2012

Kobi Levi Designs his first Art Shoe for Men

Kobi Levi has been designing footwear art creations for women since 2010 and now for the first time, he's branching out in to mens .

His first two designs take on the Ocean theme with:
Mr Shark
This is a smooth, comfy cushioned slip-on with BITE! in the form of the raw, threatening jaws on the back.
In shark grey with touches of flesh pink
The price will also take a big chunk out of your wallet at £697
Mr Orca

A combination of a slip-on and the sneaker,for a smart casual shoe. Colourway is  the black and white of the Orca with its fish tail flipped up at the back of the shoe.
Another killer design and alas a killer price of  £653 - but these are wearable works of art.
Check out his new website:

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1 comment:

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