16 May 2012

Topman Menswear Rules Britannia with NewGen Designers

Topman launches a t-shirt collection to celebrate and support home-grown British talent.
Five NewGen designers were asked to create a t-shirt designed around the title ‘Menswear Rules Britannia’. Their take on this title was then produced on premium white roll-sleeved cotton tee, prices start at £18
Here's their designs: 

Katie Eary
Describing herself as a true British patriot,  'Menswear Rules Britannia' means everything to her, she thinks her design sums this up perfectly. The print derives from two of her favourite things, the screaming cheetah (she loves anything from the feline family) and British military - in this case a Queen’s guards hat.

 The newly recruited NewGen Men collective Sibling (Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery) designed a print that is reminiscent of a souvenir from a weekend away or a fun day out. It is a knitted twist on a celebratory, quintessentially English memento of youthful camaraderie. In the synonymously British colours of red, white, and blue this t-shirt screams ‘Menswear Rules Britannia’.

 James Long

 The Fashion Forward 2012 winner designed a print based around all the different layers and history of being British. On close inspection you can see that Long has subtlety worked the Union Jack flag into his print.(better seen in the lifestyle image -check out the first straight line after the zig zags)

 Lou Dalton

Dalton commissioned Alex Walker to hand draw faces of British Icons for her quirky design, sketches include: Elton John, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie among a few, all whom she felt have influenced British popular culture over the years.

and Christopher Shannon. 


 Renowned for re-working sportswear, Shannon has designed a t-shirt using his trademark all-over print design. This design uses a powerful ‘ MAN UP’ slogan.

£5 from the sale of each t-shirt will go to The British Fashion Council Princess of Wales Charitable Trust to support young designers.          

. The project will launch on the 7th June 2012, and will be available in selected stores worldwide and on-line www.topman.com
Images provided by Topman
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