14 July 2014

ARTEKL LONDON T-SHIRTS – The Art of Expression

This Summer sees the launch of a ARTEKL LONDON which provides a platform for aspiring artists to tell their story on a t-shirt. The t-shirts promote varying forms of art from fine sketch art, through to literary expression.

Beast collection features unique predatory animal inspired art prints in bold text and dramatic details with the illusion or 3 dimensional graphics

Night Owl collection shows the love of music of those who come alive at night.

Urban Collection  depicts iconic landmarks and beautiful skylines from vibrant cities.

Futuristic Warrior collection shows the rise of the digital age with alien worlds and new world order.

Tattoo Signature is a collection of bold and intricate designs reflecting the artists’ personal flare and freedom of expression

Script collection is inspired by graffiti and statement slogans. Instead of writing on the wall they are writing on the t-shirt.

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