1 July 2014


Be the freshest fella’ on and off the field this season with Lynx’s top two summer scents, featuring Lynx Sport Blast and Recover bodyspray, perfect for the early starts and late finishes. Taking centre stage, these bodysprays will keep you feeling as dry and smelling fresh from the shower, whilst also being the headliner to any grooming routine!

Lynx Sports Blast bodyspray is designed to give you a shot of energy when you need it. 

Inspired by the great outdoors, it’s a combination of juicy citrus accords and fresh green leafy notes.

Price £3.29

Lynx Recover Bodyspray helps you get from rough to ready in a matter of minutes.

It’s specifically formulated fragrance fuses together citric scents to leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

This scent is perfect for the morning after the night before!

Price £3.29
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