23 August 2010

Hair Wash on the go - Melvita's new organic and sulphate-free Shower Shampoo

Probably most mornings you don’t have a lot of time for your beauty regime other than a quick shower, shave and hair wash.
That’s OK and you’re forgiven because who wants to lose precious sleep so you can wake up earlier to start your ablutions? But although you may cut corners in your routine, you can’t really afford to cut corners in the products you use.

 Melvita, the French organic beauty brand, have a solution with their new shampoo ‘Shower Shampoo’. This shampoo is extra gentle so can be used daily and can also double up as a shower gel – so no time wasted looking for two products and one less bottle to worry about.

This Shower shampoo is organic and sulphate free.
Now you may ask why sulphate free? Apparently most shampoos /shower gels/soaps etc. contain sulphate to help the product lather better but there are queries as to whether it is actually good for the skin and hair. So without compromising on quality and effectiveness, Melvita decided to forego the sulphate and instead use an abundance of alternative natural ingredients to gently care for your hair and skin. Admittedly you may not get as many suds from your sulphate-free shampoo but that’s a small price to pay for healthier hair.

This shampoo is also ideal to take to the gym

Shower Shampoo is not the only Melvita sulphate-free shampoo. They have a wide range designed for specific hair types such as oily, dandruff, dry, normal and chemically treated. So it is a good idea to alternate with the one for your hair type and the Shower Shampoo.

Melvita also have three new conditioners which are silicone- free.  
Silicone-based conditioners coat the hair shaft but only give the illusion of health, unlike Melvita’s silicone-free conditioners which actually complement and further enhance the results of the shampoos by adding extra moisture and nourishment.

Where to buy
At the moment, the Melvita range can be purchased at Whole Food Stores, selected John Lewis stores and online from www.melvita.co.uk and www.lookfantastic.com. But as from November you’ll be able to browse through all the range in the first UK Melvita dedicated store which will be based in Covent Garden.

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