7 August 2010

Givaudan's iPerfumer is a New free App for your iPhone which will help you choose fragrances.

You now can combine your love of technology with your love of colognes with iPefumer, the new free App for your iPod from the leading perfumery house Givaudan.

This new app is the first perfume recommendation tool for both men and women, and will take out most of the guesswork to help you select your perfect fragrance.

How does it work?
First you create a profile with your details: name, age, sex etc.
Once completed, iPerfumer will ask you to rate the different scents usually found in colognes:
Citrus; floral; chypre; fougere; oriental; and woody.
You give the number of stars by each or click on no preference.
And if you don’t know what these scents smell like e.g. chypre or fougere for instance (and who does?) , then there is a help button next to it which will describe the scent and give examples of colognes.
With this information the iPerfumer is then able to recommend the colognes which have the scents you prefer. The recommended colognes are shown with a photo of the bottle and a breakdown of the ingredients in to top notes, the heart and the base.

You can also give ratings on a particular cologne you’ve used in the past and the iPerfumer will then give alternatives you may like. These ratings are then stored and collated to provide an average score so users can see the popularity of a particular fragrance.

You are also not limited to your own profile, I’m sure friends, relatives and partners would be happy to add their profile. This way you’ll never forget what their favourite perfume/cologne is. Hooray!! - Sorry guys but it always amazes me that you can have your perfume bottle scattered everywhere – in the bathroom, bedroom and fridge (the scent lasts longer) and still on birthdays and at Christmas you get something the sales assistant recommended!!!
But if you did want to buy them something new to try, at least now you don’t have to rely on the sales assistant to choose for you - you have a good guideline on hand to show what they may like.

With over 4,000 masculine and feminine prestige fragrances stored in its data base, iPerfumer is a great tool for those who love technology on the go and want to learn more about fragrances. You can load iPerfumer from the Apple store and oh did I mention the App is free.
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