14 June 2011

Accessories for your Royal Ascot Morning Attire

Last but not least for your Royal Ascot morning attire is the accessories - so why not complete your look with gloves and a cane or umbrella?
Umbrella: Ede and Ravenscroft have a Whangee solid stick black umbrella with a natural cane handle. Available on their website shop www.edeandravenscroft.co.uk at £250.

Oliver Brown cane

Cane: Oliver Brown has a silver plated cap stick. The handle is a mushroom shaped design whilst the shaft is hardwood painted black and fitted with a neat metal ferrule. Overall height is 92cm. Available online www.oliverbrown.org.uk  for £50

Chester Jeffries Oxford glove
Gloves should be soft suede or kid leather and the colour- white, pale yellow, buff or grey.
For semi bespoke gloves check out  www.chesterjeffries.co.uk
First you choose the glove style. Chester Jeffries recommends their Oxford for Ascot - see above image for style but don't go for brown, go for the lighter colours..  Made from soft Capeskin (kid) leather, this style of glove is widely used in films and stage such as Poirot. Priced at £41 unlined.
Second stage - choose the colour. For Ascot go for: white, pearl, ivory, parchment, sunshine, belvedere or frigate grey.
Third stage- choose the lining.  Go for silk at an additional £7
Fourth stage – you can measure your hands or just ask for small, medium, large or extra large.

That is the last of the Royal Ascot Attire blogs, Hope they helped.
All there is for you to do now is enjoy the day and make sure your morning attire is a safe bet.
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