9 June 2011

The Waistcoat for your Royal Ascot Morning Attire

Here is a great opportunity to express your personality with a touch of colour to your morning attire, but keep to the soft subtle hues.
The waistcoat began a sombre life in Britain when after the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London; Charles II ordered his court to replace their opulent French fashions for the plainer more sobering thigh length vest.  After a few years the wearing of vests spread to the continent and changed from plain to colourful and patterned. The vest became the waistcoat proper in the 18th Century when they were shortened above the abdomen.
Royal Enclosure Rules not to be broken
Firstly you have to wear one and secondly keep the bottom button undone. The later is more of a sartorial rule accidently started by the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) when he left his undone and everyone followed suit.
 Plain wool or linen are best although silk or satin are also acceptable. But keep the bright colours and patterns for weddings.
The cut can be either single breasted with or without lapels or double breasted. 
Online formal waistcoat specialists www.davidedward.co.uk have created a Royal Ascot range called Royal Enclosure.
Royal Enclosure range

100% pure Irish linen with matching cloth covered buttons and pocket flaps; the Royal Enclosure waistcoat is single breasted with step collar and 6 buttons. Comes in the traditional buff colour (as seen in image), but also in summer yellow, white, Royal Air force blue, chocolate, mid brown, dark brown  and sea green. Price £145
For a wider range of colours choose their Morning Wear Range. Very similar to the Royal Ascot range except the fabric is wool and the front pockets are not flaps.
The Chelsea

Their Chelsea waistcoat is made of 11oz merino wool in pastel blue. Price £185. Here teamed with their herringbone weave yellow silk tie Price £29.99
Or use their online custom build service. Just choose the cut from: single breasted, evening wear, country wear, double breasted, Royal Ascot and country Windsor. Then choose the cloth and colour from the names in their RTW range. Plus you get to choose whether you would like horn buttons or matching cloth covered.
Double breasted

The double breasted cut is only available through their custom build service and is seen here in their buff coloured Tunbridge cloth: 14oz all worsted wool with horn buttons and teamed with their navy/sky blue polka dot silk tie. Price £29.99

Complement your waistcoat’s colour with your shirt, tie and pocket handkerchief but don’t have them exactly matching as this will look too much like wedding attire.
Many choose a colour to match or complement the outfit of the lady on their arm.
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