5 June 2011

Royal Ascot Morning Attire - check out Ede and Ravenscroft

Ede and Ravenscroft are London’s oldest tailor so know a thing or two on how to dress well including the morning suit. www.edeandravenscroft.co.uk

Morning coat: discreet herringbone pattern, super 100s pure wool fabric, buttonhole in lapel with flower loop, traditional single link button closing. Price £495
Waistcoat: adjustable back strap, pure wool black herringbone – black is the most formal option for morning dress Price £125
Trousers: 12oz pure wool worsted houndstooth by Dormeuill. Popular for Royal Ascot. Single pleated, buckle and strap adjusters, internal brace button. Price £195
Shirt: blue and white striped with white collar
Tie: Red and blue polka dot silk tie
They also can provide the top hat!
Top Hat: Edwardian style fur felt polished to give a silk appearance. Crown height 6 ½ inches £

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