11 June 2011

What Shirt to Wear with your Royal Ascot Morning Suit.

Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken: Your shirt must be double cuff

However you no longer have to stick to a plain white shirt to wear with your morning coat. You can now show your true colours as long as they are pale or soft hues – no garish brights please. 
Ede and Ravenscroft
A stripe with white collar and cuffs is a good alternative.

Oliver Brown tunic shirts

Or go down the traditional route with a white detachable stiff collar and tunic shirt. Oliver Brown has a choice of white, yellow or blue collarless shirts online www.oliverbrown.org.uk  for £59 and a choice of stiff collars for £15.

Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken: no cravats or an ascot. (Keep these for weddings only)
Wear a tightly knotted tie and preferably in silk.
Here you can choose any colour.
Charles Tyrwhitt self stripe silk tie
 Charles Tyrwhitt has a selection of silk ties, plain and patterned. Above is the self stripe woven tie in 100% silk. Normal price is £50 but at the moment they have a promotional price of £24.95. If purple is not your colour, also comes in yellow, charcoal grey, Royal blue and red, www.ctshirts.co.uk

Royal Enclosure Rule not to be broken: Has to be silk and neatly folded.
Cotton or any other fabric besides silk is a no no.
 And the silk handkerchief has to be neatly folded not flamboyantly pushed in to the pocket.

Above are silk handkerchiefs from  www.davidedward.co.uk in pink, grey or blue. They feature 4 different shades of the same colour and have hand rolled edgings. Price £12

Don't wear the same colour for your tie and handkerchief as you'll look as though you're going to a wedding rather than looking dapper for Royal Ascot. They don't need to match, just complement each other.

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